Author Topic: Dump Your DS Games using a SLOT-1 Flashcart and a Mac!  (Read 7101 times)

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Dump Your DS Games using a SLOT-1 Flashcart and a Mac!
« on: July 08, 2008, 04:26:53 AM »
How to Dump Your Own DS Games!
Using only an iMac (or any Mac with an Airport Extreme card), a DS, and a SLOT-1 flaschart.

You will need these programs:

First, you need to configure CrossFTP, and your iMac:
Open up System Preferences. Click on Sharing. Enable Internet Sharing.

Note the SSID. Then, open up Network Preferences. Write down your Ethernet IP Address.

Now, fire up CrossFTP. Click "Configure" and put in your IP for the Server Host. Then, set the port to 8080.

Start the server, and click on "Users" in the left sidebar. create one named "Dumper" and set their password to "dump". Check "Enabled" and "Write Permission". Set their Root directory to where you want your ROMs dumped. I use my Downloads folder. (/Users/_youruser_/Downloads)

Now, open up the NDS_Backup_Tool_Wifi.ini that came with Rudolph's dumper. Change the IP address to yours, change the port number to 8080, and the directory to what you put in for your root directory. Set user and pass to dumper and dump, respectively.

Adjust trimming if you wish, I wouldn't recommend touching the save file size.

Now we're ready to copy your lovely retail games. Make sure your Airport card is turned on and in the menubar has a little grey quarter-circle that has an arrow in it; that means internet sharing is on. Insert a Nintendo WFC-capable retail cart or just launch DSOrganize and setup your access point. Remember the SSID you had set before, it should be something like iMac if you didn't change anything. Now, if it's not already, turn on your FTP server. (Launch CrossFTP, accept the certificate, and click "Start Server." If it says "Stop Server," than it's already running and should tell you so.) Now, launch NDS_Backup_Tool_Wifi.nds on your DS using the loader of your choice. It should find your Mac, then connect to the FTP server. It will then ask you to remove your homebrew card and insert the game you plan to dump. Do so now. Then hit 'A' and Look at the Box on the bottom half of the bottom screen. This box tells you what the buttons do. Hit 'R' twice to get to the ROM Dumping screen. Press 'B' to start dumping your ROM. When the blue box pops up, press 'A.' It's simply informing you of the file name it's creating. Now, go enjoy yourself, because a 64MB cartridge (Advance Wars: Days of Ruin) took two hours, and a 16MB cartridge (Super Mario 64 DS) took 45 minutes. When it's done… CONGRATULATIONS! You know own an archival copy of the game you can use when your retail cartridge gets lost or stolen! Hooray!

Want your saves, too? Go back to the first screen (Hit 'L' twice), and press 'B.' Accept the confirmation again and wait 5 seconds. CONGRATULATIONS! Your progress has been recorded for future generations. This .sav is usable directly in NO$GBA and should be a valid save for your flashcart. When you play a little more on your retail cart, select the save file on top screen, and it 'A' to update it with the latest from your cartridge.

If you make some progress off on some other medium than the original cartridge, the middle box allows for save restoration. Press 'B' to "initialize" (read: erase) the save area of your retail cartridge, and then 'A' to write the selected save to the cartridge. Make sure you select the correct one on the top screen.

If at anytime during the use of this program, you need to refresh the list of items in your computer for use by the DS, simply press 'Y'. If you wish to dump another cartridge without turning off your DS and doing it all over again, simply press 'X,' take out the old one, put in the new one, and press 'A.'

I hope this guide was helpful and will discourage piracy. Not sure how… but hey. I could dump my own games, or be a pirate. I chose the legal route, and I hope you do, too.

I will try to help if you have any questions. If you're using Windoze, check out this tutorial.

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