N64 Myth menu themes

This thread is for posting images you think others might be interested in using with the N64 Myth Menu. Please keep them as directly usable: they must be non-progressive jpegs of 320 pixels width by 240 lines height; they should be named "splash.jpg" (all lower-case) for the splash screen, "browser.jpg" for the browser screen, and "loading.jpg" for the loader screen. Note that you don't have to have all three. If all you think should be replaced is the loader screen, just post the "loading.jpg" image. Please use an image service for the images, like ImageShack. Please use the thumbnails to keep the loading time for the thread down. Note that the image service may mangle the name a little - that's fine.

We'll start with the default images so you can get an idea of how to proceed.

Download :,6264

Last Updated on Thursday, 12 August 2010 16:27

Neo N64 Menu v1.6

Don't you hate it when they update on you so quickly!  >:D

Hot on the heels of v1.5, here's v1.6. Fixed a quirk with the game flash menu interpretation so that "odd" banks are dealt with properly. This should take care of those roms that seem to not run from the cart. You could recognize them by the bank number - if you're looking at the bank number and see them go like bank 0, bank 1, bank 2, bank 192, that oddball 192 is not really a bank number, it's the Mbit offset to the rom. There was a similar issue with the rom size that I took care of quite a while back.

You can now also provide your own backdrop images for the splash, browser, and loader (any or all). Just make a "/.menu/n64/images/ directory and put the custom images there. They should be non-progressive jpeg images of 320 pixels wide by 240 lines tall named as follows: "splash.jpg", "browser.jpg", and "loading.jpg". If the files exist on the SD card, the menu will use them in place of the ones in the menu resources.
You can also now delete slots in the slot selector (when running a game with save ram from a flash-only cart). Just press Z to delete the currently high-lighted slot.


Download :,6263

Mic_'s PCE Menu 1.10

My updated menu for the PC-E flash card is now available for download at

The source code (for those interested) is available at

I've only been able to test it on my TurboGrafx so far, but hopefully it should work the same on a PC-Engine.


More information :,6253.0.html

Last Updated on Monday, 09 August 2010 22:10

Neo N64 Menu v1.4S (SD) (unofficial) - new GUI(8/8/2010)

This is a new GUI style for Chillywilly's Neo N64 Myth Menu 1.4 ~sm-67.gif~.gif
Read the included readme for details.  ::sm-26.gif::

 Neo N64 Myth Menu 1.4S (SD) (unofficial)

Please read original readme in /src first.
This needs the original 1.4 menu already flashed to the N64 Myth U2.

Install notes:
Copy directory ".menu" to root of SD card


1.4S Changes:
- now based on chillywilly's 1.4 menu
- //scode tags in source code where I altered it
- more and bigger boxarts (about 300, 4x the size)
- boxarts now load from SD
- if game is not found in database, default save option will be MEMPAK
  meaning you most likely need a Mempak to save.


Download :,6230.0.html

Neo N64 Menu v1.4(8/8/2010)

Quick update... this fixes the EEPROM load/save (I hope). I tested with Cruis'n USA and Ridge Racer 64 ( a 4k and 16k eeprom game respectively). If you wish to compile your own version of this, you'll need to update your libdragon as well - I added eeprom read/write code to the lib.

I really hope I don't have to add FRAM specific code... that's a real bitch to handle.   ~sm-73.gif~.gif

 Download :,6246


Last Updated on Sunday, 08 August 2010 04:01

Neo N64 Menu 1.1S2 (SD) (unofficial) - auto save/cic config, boxarts

UPDATE by sanni

Thanks to Chillywilly the code now looks a lot better.  ;)

I also integrated some boxarts. They are only 64x50 pixels in size so depending on your TV they may look ugly.  ~sm-79.gif~.gif


MF version was not tested so better use the SD version.

Neo N64 Myth Menu v1.1S2 (unofficial)

Please read original readme in /src first.
This needs the original 1.1 Menu already flashed to the N64 Myth U2.

Install notes:
Either copy NEON64SD.v64 to "/.menu/n64/NEON64SD.v64" on your SD card
or flash NEON64MF.v64 to NEO2 cart.


1.1S2 Changes:
- added some boxart (about one hundred)
- only starts in SD browser mode when run from SD cart
- code cleanup thanks to cw

1.1S Changes from original menu:
- starts in SD browser mode
- options enabled by default
- auto cic and save configuration (not all rom settings included yet)

!!!wait until you actually see the boot and savetype written on screen before you start the rom!!!

Last Updated on Thursday, 05 August 2010 12:42

Neo N64 SD/SDHC Menu v1.1[Updated 1/8/2010]

Here is the latest version of the N64 Myth menu - v1.1. Changes include:

Fixed crash when you pressed A or B with no games in the game list.
Fixed crash when you started a game from the SD card before the game info was fetched.
Changed save type and CIC type options to show what they are instead of just a number.
If you have a Neo2-SD or Pro and run the game from the SD card, reset to game works for all games. Still trying to figure a way to do than from game flash in a compatible manner.  ~sm-64.gif~.gif  This feature requires you to have the menu burned to the N64 U2 menu flash.
Added ability for N64 U2 menu to automatically run menu from the GBA menu flash or the SD card. If you run the menu from the GBA menu flash in the first place, it will also check for the menu on the SD card. This creates about a 3 second delay when you don't have an SD card (flash only cart, or no SD card in the cart). Basically, you want to burn the v1.1 menu into the N64 U2 flash, then all minor updates can simply be run from the SD card (or GBA menu flash for flash only carts).

Please read the readme for all the details.


Last Updated on Sunday, 01 August 2010 06:55

"Mic_'s" VGM -> HES converter & PCE Player demo!

After I had written my SNES VGM player I was thinking that it shouldn't be that hard to write a playback library for the PC-Engine as well, since the PCE PSG is a wavetable synth just like the SPC.
So a couple of days ago I started writing a HuC6280 version of the playback library, and a utility program that splits VGM files into 32kB banks and combines them with the player into a HES file (the format used for PCE music rips. You can play them in winamp with nezplug++, or in an emulator like mednafen)

Click here to read the full post


The MD/N64/SNES/PC-E/NDS Myth flash cart Pro programmer V1.03 [July.22th 2010]

The MD/N64/SNES/PC-E/NDS Myth flash cart Pro programmer V1.03 [July.22th 2010]


[2010-7-22 V1.03]
* Fix the PC-E cart write bug, and add the PC-E format function
* Fix few SNES/MD plug-in bugs
* Upgrade the MD plug in to the last version


the Neo N64 Myth cart firmware v3.0 released

the Neo N64 Myth cart firmware v3.0 released


[1] Add the function for return to menu in the game
[2] Fixthe neo2 cart ID check issue
[3] The current V3 CPLD ID is 0X83
CLPD V1.2 value is: 0X81
CLPD  V2.0 value is: 0X82   

this version is very close with the FINAL version already, all hardware function is stand by.  ~sm-78.gif~.gif     


"Mic_'s" SNES VGM/VGZ -> SPC player

mic_'s vgm/vgz/spc player

<<I've created a GUI for the playback code and put together a ROM with 32 handpicked VGMs.Use a real SNES or BSNES to run it, other emulators will likely mess the sound up.>>

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Last Updated on Thursday, 15 July 2010 03:24

SuperMD Plugin NEO2 Edition v2.2.0.0

<<And.... here's the "final" version of the SuperMD plugin :D !!
I'm saying "final" because there's nothing left to do ,
and the "future" is the Deluxe MD bios because the posibilities are endless with this cart(Here's a good chance to say a huge
thanks to ChillyWilly for his contributions), so its better to contribute code there.
Of course if there's any bug it will be fixed , but this is actually the most complete version and brings all possible features
from this level(Remember , the plugin is just a patching client :D ).>>

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The MD/N64/SNES/PC-E/NDS Myth flash cart Pro programmer V1.02 [June.29th 2010]

The MD/N64/SNES/PC-E/NDS Myth flash cart Pro programmer V1.02 [June.29th 2010]


[2010-6-21 V1.0 beta5]
* fix snes can't patch bug
* fix flash rom format bug
* add neo2 shell folder bar
* add md plug in files

[2010-6-25 V1.01]
* fix bug of add in win7
* update SNES BIOS to V0.26
* update MD BIOS and plugins
* and shell folder bar

[2010-6-28 V1.02]
* fix modify bug(which can't see the modify after done) in 1.01
* fix gba browse bug in V1.01
* upgrade the SNES menu / MD menu / MD plug in to the last version, thanks Mic_, ChillyWilly and Conle!  ;)


NEO Summer Retro Coding Contest 2010 for all retro platform announcement

NEO Summer Retro Coding Contest 2010 for all retro platform announcement
*** close time: Aug.20th 2010 ***
more info:,6166.0.html

* Homebrew Game division
There are 10 winners for all platform

* Homebrew APP division
There are 10 winners for all platform

Note: The platform just specify to the retro console, something like NES/PC-E/MD/SNES/N64/GBA/NDS/PSP/PS/PS2/iphone ...... without any limit (but not included PC/MAC compute)

The rules of NEO Summer retro coding contest 2010:

[1] All original entries will get +5 "original score " , but the second entry (same project from last contest but improved, and just enter one more time again ) will don't get any "original score" in this contest.

[2] With this contest we will keep to use the new judge way still --- everyone can become the judger! You just need test all contest entering and submit your very detailed test report to us , and you must give out your own top 10 winner judgment, from here you can find the good "TOP REVIEWER" sample ---,108.0.html

    We will keep the award --- "NEO TOP REVIEWER" , we will check all review reports and choose the top one reviewer from each division and give out the prize.

[3] The No.1 winner from last Neo contest can't use their same project (even it has updated a lot) to enter this contest again.

[4] You can submit more than one project for any platform at the same time, without any limit.

[5] You must put the NEO Retro Compo badge and NEO website link  to your program when it start to run.

[6] If your production have enter other contest before, you can enter this NEO contest still.

[7] You don't need public your source code, but if you can PM to us for refer is welcome.

Here is teh badge for this compo, every coder can modify the badge size and background color to match with your project color, just please keep our design style, don't modify it too much :)
And one more time to mention, every coder need keep the NEO website URL link in the badge screen.

the original coreldraw v10 design file download:

The top 10 prize list for the winners:

The No.1  : US$500 cash , OR choose any items from the NEO online shop, just not over U$800 total value.

The No.2  : US$300 cash , OR choose any items from the NEO online shop, just not over U$500 total value.

The No.3  : US$200 cash , OR choose any items from the NEO online shop, just not over U$300 total value.

The No.4~10  : Can choose any items from the NEO online shop, just not over U$100 total value, or choose US$100 cash.

The 2 NEO Top Review winners (each division will have one TOP winner) can choose anyone item from the NEO online shop (just not over U$150 total value), or choose US$100 cash.


See you soon! 


Last Updated on Wednesday, 09 June 2010 10:43

R6 motion menu v3.1.2276 for R6 Silver / R6 Gold / R6 XTREME 64G [2010-06-08]

R6 motion menu v3.1.2276 for R6 Silver / R6 Gold / R6 XTREME 64G  [2010-06-08]
more info:,6164.0.html

* Fix and support several hundred new ROMs
* Update the R6 CHEAT CODE database to 2009-12-08 version


English version:
Korea version:

SNES/SFC Myth menu v0.26

snes myth menu 0.26

<<I've just released v0.26. See the first post for a download link.

This is mainly a bugfix release, so hopefully the freezes in v0.25 that could occur in some cases should be gone now.

One thing I've added is a "quick" mode for the "Auto region fix" functionality. In this mode only the first 128kB of the game will be scanned, which seems to be enough for every game I've tested it with. But I've left in the old mode (now called "Complete") just in case some game actually requires it.

I've also added/removed/changed some codes in the cheat database. But the only new game I've added to it is Wild Guns (E).>>

Click here to download the latest version

the new version PC APP for neo2/neo3 series flash cart v1.0 beta version

the new version PC APP for neo2/neo3 series flash cart v1.0 beta version
more info:,6154.msg45868.html#msg45868

Neo2 Pro Manager 1.0:
1. gba not support yet (but will soon)
2. md, snes, n64 need to test more

SNES/SFC Myth menu v0.25 w/ Cheat & Auto-region patching (updated 13/5/2010)


<<The biggest news in this version is that you can now use game genie codes (up to 4 of them).
Some of the controls have changed a bit from earlier versions of the menu, but I've included a readme in the zip that explains the controls for all the submenus.....>>

Click here to read the full post

Last Updated on Thursday, 13 May 2010 08:26

NEO2-PRO is in stock now!

* Run the GBA/NDS clean rom from SD/Mini-SD/TF directly,not need any extra patcher
* 100% GBA hardware save function
* Build in 3 set separate RTC
* Build in 16 bit DMA
* Build in 8Kb inner high-speed buffer
* Build in 4M sram
* Build in 32M flash menu
* Build in 256M Zip RAM,support compressed ROM
* Build in 512M-1024M flash memory
* NEO2-PRO support NDS and NDS-lite
* NEO2-PRO support NDS games and GBA games
* NEO2-PRO support MK 3/MD/32X/NES/SNES/N64 games through Neo Myth flash cart
* Menu upgradable,just run the new menu from TF then can upgrade
* Come with one driver CD

the NEO2-Pro cart

the packing

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 April 2010 09:26

NeoMythMenu Deluxe v2.2 !!

<<Okay, here's one of the biggest updates yet. With the combined efforts of yours truly, Conle, and madmonkey, we present v2.2 of the MD menu.

- Long file name support! File names up to 255 characters are allowed, but you really shouldn't go crazy since you can only display 36 in the menu browser list. The browser does it's best to make the names distinct if they are too long to be displayed in their entirety.
- If you boot with an SD card inserted, it starts on the SD card browser instead of the flash browser.
- Cheats enhanced - currently a total of 24 different cheat entries can be enter (manually or via a cheat file). Each cheat entry can have up to 12 linked GameGenie or PAR codes. IPS patch files (one per game) are also supported. Region unlocking cheats are enabled by default depending on the region of the game you are trying to load.........................>>

Click here to read the full post

SNES Myth C Menu 0.20

 << Ok, here it is finally with ROM loading working:

Just the binary: ...

Source code: ....

And a short video showing off some of the features:


Click here to read the full post

Last Updated on Wednesday, 14 April 2010 22:24

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