NeoMythMenu Deluxe v2.2 !!

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<<Okay, here's one of the biggest updates yet. With the combined efforts of yours truly, Conle, and madmonkey, we present v2.2 of the MD menu.

- Long file name support! File names up to 255 characters are allowed, but you really shouldn't go crazy since you can only display 36 in the menu browser list. The browser does it's best to make the names distinct if they are too long to be displayed in their entirety.
- If you boot with an SD card inserted, it starts on the SD card browser instead of the flash browser.
- Cheats enhanced - currently a total of 24 different cheat entries can be enter (manually or via a cheat file). Each cheat entry can have up to 12 linked GameGenie or PAR codes. IPS patch files (one per game) are also supported. Region unlocking cheats are enabled by default depending on the region of the game you are trying to load.........................>>

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