Neo N64 Menu v1.4S (SD) (unofficial) - new GUI(8/8/2010)

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This is a new GUI style for Chillywilly's Neo N64 Myth Menu 1.4 ~sm-67.gif~.gif
Read the included readme for details.  ::sm-26.gif::

 Neo N64 Myth Menu 1.4S (SD) (unofficial)

Please read original readme in /src first.
This needs the original 1.4 menu already flashed to the N64 Myth U2.

Install notes:
Copy directory ".menu" to root of SD card


1.4S Changes:
- now based on chillywilly's 1.4 menu
- //scode tags in source code where I altered it
- more and bigger boxarts (about 300, 4x the size)
- boxarts now load from SD
- if game is not found in database, default save option will be MEMPAK
  meaning you most likely need a Mempak to save.


Download :,6230.0.html

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