Neo N64 Menu v1.6

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Don't you hate it when they update on you so quickly!  >:D

Hot on the heels of v1.5, here's v1.6. Fixed a quirk with the game flash menu interpretation so that "odd" banks are dealt with properly. This should take care of those roms that seem to not run from the cart. You could recognize them by the bank number - if you're looking at the bank number and see them go like bank 0, bank 1, bank 2, bank 192, that oddball 192 is not really a bank number, it's the Mbit offset to the rom. There was a similar issue with the rom size that I took care of quite a while back.

You can now also provide your own backdrop images for the splash, browser, and loader (any or all). Just make a "/.menu/n64/images/ directory and put the custom images there. They should be non-progressive jpeg images of 320 pixels wide by 240 lines tall named as follows: "splash.jpg", "browser.jpg", and "loading.jpg". If the files exist on the SD card, the menu will use them in place of the ones in the menu resources.
You can also now delete slots in the slot selector (when running a game with save ram from a flash-only cart). Just press Z to delete the currently high-lighted slot.


Download :,6263

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