N64 Myth menu themes

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This thread is for posting images you think others might be interested in using with the N64 Myth Menu. Please keep them as directly usable: they must be non-progressive jpegs of 320 pixels width by 240 lines height; they should be named "splash.jpg" (all lower-case) for the splash screen, "browser.jpg" for the browser screen, and "loading.jpg" for the loader screen. Note that you don't have to have all three. If all you think should be replaced is the loader screen, just post the "loading.jpg" image. Please use an image service for the images, like ImageShack. Please use the thumbnails to keep the loading time for the thread down. Note that the image service may mangle the name a little - that's fine.

We'll start with the default images so you can get an idea of how to proceed.

Download :,6264

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