After a brilliant contest we had that ended at 10 Aug 2005, here we present you the winners with detailed information including all the other releases for both Game and Application division. The selection has been done through a carefully constructed point system used by the judges to assure a fair and smooth contest. Under each project you will find some of the judges comments. Click on the image to download.

.: GAMES :.

#01 Starfighter Skirmish By: connor9

Elissaios: A very good, almost-ported (not actually ported) game. Takes good advantage of DS power with excellent model rendering. Doesn't take advantage of the DS mic, although uses touching to control speeds etc...
Phantom: Really Nice, good 3D models and gameplay, but there is no felling of moving. It look like if you was just rotating....
Darkfader: Touchscreen game is great for controls but perhaps navigating with it would be better, too many controls for this version, but I can only hope for a multiplayer version soon.
#02 Grid Challenge By: Miqualke

Elissaios: One of the best puzzles games out there. Fully touch-playable and lots of skins to choose from. Deffinitely the best homebrew puzzle game out there.
Phantom: The "perfect" puzzle game. A lot of levels, simple, bugless... Nothing to say, just perfect (maybe too "colorfull" :p )
Darkfader: Well done gridlock game. perfect for DS. I found it very challenging.
#03 Antarex By: Pocket_Lucho

Elissaios: Another very good 1942 style game with very nice graphics, but not much use of the stylus. Mic is not supported here. But a big plus is the 2 player mode using the same DS.
Phantom: Really good Shoot'em up, Ikaruga based. Almost complete use of the DS .
Darkfader: Nice shooter. could use some better sounds. Stylus mode isn't very useful. especially for right handed people.
#04 Earth Invaders By: Smealum

Elissaios: Excellent 1942 style game. Uses both touch and mic capabilities. I liked the fact it uses the mic to raise up the shield. Very fast with nice graphics.
Phantom: Good gameplay, Good graphs, Good Music... but TOOOOO FAST For me) !
Darkfader:   The intro promised a lot. Music/game is fast paced, which is nice. There was a bullet stuck on the top screen, and it was possible to shoot downwards and it would keep wrapping on the lower display .
#05 FLUX By: rize

Elissaios: A very good and well-made tetris-like game. I give a small credit to the nice graphics and "feel" of the game.
Phantom: I like that game, the concept is good, the gameplay too, but it doesn't have the "Fun" (with a big F), we do what we have to do but don't enjoy it. Looking to the graphics it look "dead". There is no life. Try to correct that and it should be a really cool game. Oh ! And think about another format for music....
Darkfader: Nice falling block game that plays totally unlike tetris. Less action involved though. Probably very difficult to keep playing forever .
#06 Teenage Queen NDS By: Foxy

Elissaios: An actual port, but a perfect one. I give this one the credit for making as always such a good transfer.
Phantom: I' don't really like Card games but this one is not bad.
Darkfader: I don't know how to poker :) But nice conversion anyway.
#07 Magic Lines By: Foxy

Elissaios: Another good port from the amiga series to our small screen. Actually this guy is very good, should be working on a firm or something.
Phantom: I've complete the 5 first levels... And I'm dead :p One more good puzzle game in this compo...
Darkfader: I guess I did the first level. wasn't too clear :) , too bad it's not really finished .
#08 Arena DS By : Mikaus

Elissaios: A very wel-made tactical game. First of its kind in the contest. I give it a credit for its good concept.
Phantom: 50% RPG, 50% "Scissor Paper Stone"...Not a bad idea, but there a real lack of in-game tutorial, graphics and sounds. With that it could be a kill app...but not in the actual state.
Darkfader: Only some numbers and letters doesn't make it appealing to keep fighting for long.
#09 ArkanoiDS By: Diffuse

Phantom: The idea of an Arkanoid controled by the stylus is good, but this game is funless. always the same angle, no powerups... Where is the ARKANOID in this ArkanoiDS ?
Darkfader: Didn't seem to work on real DS, but nice idea to make the paddle move up/down too.
#10 DrugWars DS By: DragonMinded

Elissaios: An enchanced version of the classic PC game. Uses the styles to make your selections to sell and buy. Also this version includes pictures from actual gansta cities. I give this one a small credit for the good concept.
Phantom: The Dual Screen is absolutly not used whereas some stats on the top screens could really help, just like the stylus. It's a GBA game, not a DS game...
Darkfader:   Looked good, played well. I also liked unpredictable events.. by coincidence, I got robbed after putting all money on the bank :)
-- DSGoo By : Headspin

Phantom: Nothing special, I don't have fun while playing it...not a game and not an app...
Darkfader: Funny drawing effect. but not a real game.
-- Sushi The Cat DS By: N3TKaT & Kamui

Elissaios: Altough the game lucks alot in the stages, the graphics are very well-designed with nice sound and music. Controls are easy and understandable. Normally this should be called a GBA game, but I give it a credit even as a port.
Phantom: Stylus ? Dual Screen ? No... Graphics are really good, gameplay too, but One level and one boss don't make a game... A very good GBA Demo...
Darkfader: Lovely game. as said, it should use DS feature more.
-- Gorilla, Nibbles and Tetris By: DesktopMan

Phantom: Gorilla: Not a bad game...but always the same thing... Nibbles: Nice use of the stylus for a classic...but like tetris, a video game is visual...and here my eyes don't like it... Tetris: Could be better other graphics, music...things that make a good tetris better than a bad...
Darkfader: Gorilla: Exploding banana's! yum. stereo effect. buildings. nice game though. can't wait for wifi version. Nibbles: Fluent gameplay... Tetris: Giant mode gives me a headache. Little bug: selecting small mode in next round will screw its display.
-- StripedRectangle By: Proto_T

Phantom: Another (not bad) puzzle game. Nothing really special...need to learn color0 :p
Darkfader: Hard to solve.
-- MasterMindDS By: Nikolas Lahtinen

Phantom: Not bad graphics are ok, music too...but not really fun. Not enought colors, codes are too small...Try to make it closer to the real game.
Darkfader: It's a rather simple version.
-- YatzyDOS By: d3tr0it

Phantom: Like for MasterMindDS the game isn't fun when not real.
Darkfader: Hmm.. textmode. All credits to the nifty intro-like scroller.
-- 3D Ping Pong By: delfare

Phantom: Good tech demo, but too far from a real game.
Darkfader: Doesn't seem finished. no touchscreen, no score, no audio and reacts too slow.
-- Jumping Barnabe By: Alekmaul

Phantom: Funny game, but waiting 20 seconds for an hole is a bit to much sometimes...
Darkfader: There tons of better ideas but nicely wrapped up.
-- Yoshis Bad Brother By : Seddy

Phantom: Good programming, but just a demo, not a game. Add some monsters, levels, music and it could be a kill-app too.
Darkfader: Easy game, not much variation, no sound, but nice nonetheless

Dual Step Revolution By: Shoryu

Phantom: No "Almost" "Boo" "PERFECT", only two muic, only one screen, default font from PA_Lib... not a complete game. Just a small demo completed in 1 minute 20...
Darkfader: It hung after a few retries, I'm bad at it, but probably great of DDR fans


#01 PA_lib By: Mollusk

Elissaios: Yes, the best and easiest DS library out there. Boosts up the DS scene to bring up more people develop stuff. Excellent good work with detailed online documentation. My congrats!
Darkfader: Looks like a lot of programmers will use it.
Smealum: Very good devlopment library, in fact, a lot of homebrew use it. It simplifys DS programmation a lot !

#02 nDoS By: Gally

Elissaios: A huge step towards PDA functionality for the DS. Well-made file manager and alot of tools to work with including Phone Manager, Paint, Reader, Contacts and much more... I'll be looking into this often to see progress.
Darkfader: It didn't work at start, but then converted to nds file. The mac-style app selection rox!
Smealum: Application very well realised with a lot of interesting functionnalitys.
#03 DS_GBC By: Ethos

Elissaios: A very good try for a GBC emulator, looks promising but needs more on it. No sound.
Darkfader: this adds exactly what DS is missing :) . It probably could use hardware acceleration for some games to make it faster.
Smealum: An emulator....not very good, lags a lot and has no sound.
#04 DSMS By: N3TKaT

Elissaios: An excellent Master System emulator. Works perfectly on me, sound OK, graphics OK, speed OK. Good to see people emulating classics so good on the DS. I personally enjoyed it after a long time.
Darkfader: Emulators are always appreciated.
Very good emulator, has sound, doesn't lag.... perfect :)
Too bad it does not use the tactile screen thought...( why not putting an SMS pad on tactile screen and you can press the buttons with stylus ? heh ).

#05 WinDS By: LiraNuna

Elissaios: A classic, but most enjoyable OS sample for DS. This guy made a good effort to bring windows and DS one step closer. I really liked the fact that he worked on the same level of windows UI. Limited features, but indeed a very good step towards having a good OS for the DS. On the note: It works for me and doesn't freeze :\
Darkfader: This could become a nice PDA program :) . I noticed some lag where it 'picks' up an icon when dragging. Requests: more apps, maximize button, better use of other display.
Smealum: It freezes on my DS...

#06 DS Exporter / Animator 3D By: delfare

Darkfader: The converter and all are certainly useful. Does it do texture though?
Smealum: Tools that permits you to export model from Gmax and 3DSmax and make animations and use them on DS easilly....very good
#07 MD2 Loader By: Ethos

Elissaios: A simple 3D model viewer. This might actually help to stress-test the DS hardware using various objects and routines.
Darkfader: Animations doesn't look so fluid. perhaps add some interpolations if possible. Anyway. This should make it much easier to load in a player character.
Smealum: Nice model viewer on DS.
#08 Flipbook By: Sintax

Elissaios: Nice proggy, but sometimes works and sometimes no (controls). A little debug will help fix this out.
Darkfader: Had to 'press' real hard to make it work (2 buttons did work without problems though).
Smealum: Original and well realised. Fun to use.
#09 AuDS By: Extreme Coder

Elissaios: A simple RAW sound player, too heavy and too much space needed. At least works somehow.
Darkfader: I wouldn't use it as mp3 player replacement since it can't :)
Smealum: Raw format isn't very good quality and takes a lot of space.
#10 DSSpeech By: Headspin

Elissaios: Good try, works somehow but still pretty buggy. Add some more voices (eg. woman) after making the successful text parsing, and fix that voice quality. Looks also promising.
Darkfader: Nice idea but come one, nobody would use it like this.
-- Perpetual Calendar + Clock By: Taiyou

Darkfader: Not very useful a.t.m. but perhaps nice for a firmware replacement.
-- RetroBoxDS By: BlueHawk89

Darkfader: Never heard of it. The scaling doesn't look too pretty either.

More contests will follow and in fact two every year lead by NEO Team, so dont get your heads down. We would like to thank all participants through this page. You all done well showing your beatiful creations. Congratulations!

NEO Team 2005