Author Topic: Now you can start to submit your great code to the NEO summer 2006 compo!  (Read 7179 times)

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Now you can start to submit your great code to the NEO summer 2006 compo!

The submit deadline is 20th.2006 / 23:59:59  ::sm-12.gif::
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awesome, posted the news on my PSP and DS sites :)

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Yay!  You'll see the final version of my project in about 10 days :) (submiting early since i'm going to my half-sister's wedding in costa rica ^^).

Hopefully I wont run into any more problems with my game and everythign goes smoothly.  Also, i'm looking forward to seeing what my compeition will be. :)

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i hope i can finish my project in 15 days ^^

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oh boy, i cant submit anything because its not ready yet and im on vacation for the next days, so i cant develop and post anything here :'(

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My project is ready and I put a news on my web site.
Nice thing to see a compo , great thanks to you Dr Neo !!!! :-* :-*

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Is there anything in the rules about submitting updates to an entry?
Some people have been complaining because I've posted updates to my game.
Are updates allowed?


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I think it's allowed...
Some users (including me :) ) also updated his/her entry on the spring neo compo.
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