Author Topic: NEO3-Mini-SD in stock now  (Read 3230 times)

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NEO3-Mini-SD in stock now
« on: January 06, 2007, 01:24:34 AM »

* Run the NDS clean rom from SD directly,not need any extra patcher
* Support multi-clean rom
* Build in battery AD monitor
* Build in 16 bit DMA
* Build in 8Kb inner high-speed buffer
* Build in 2M sram
* Build in 16M flash menu
* Come with one driver CD
* NEO3-MiniSD support MiniSD, up to 4GByte
* NEO3-Mini SD support NDS and NDS-lite
* NEO3-Mini SD support NDS games only
* Menu upgradable, just run the new menu from Mini SD then can upgrade to last version
* Need MK4-mini work together

use with MK4-mini together,and use the last menu V1.3 can run over 98% clean rom directly:

the retail mini packing:

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