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[NDS APP] Binary Clock
« on: March 21, 2007, 11:30:21 AM »
Here is my little app. It is a binary clock and the alarm clock is not working in this version..


1. Binary Clock
2. 2 modes : 24hours and am/pm mode (the 12 hours mode),         touch the icon to change

   To read the time :
      1st column is the number of ten-hours, 2nd is hours, 3rd is ten-minutes, 4th is minutes, 5th is ten-seconds, 6th is seconds
      Read the time by the bottom, if the 1st "orange" (by the bottom) is lit, it means there is 2^0 (1) of hour for example, if both 1st and 2nd are lit, you add 2^0 (1) + 2^1 (2) = 3. You do this for each column, with some pratice it will become very fast.

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