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DSwiki - Offline Wikipedia Reader
« on: March 17, 2009, 07:30:51 AM »
Nickname: OlliPolli
Project name : DSwiki
From: Germany
Division : DS APP
Original submission : YES
Support for Motion Card : NO
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10 : NO
Download link: DSwiki-0.3alpha2 and DSwiki-indexer-1.1.0
Installation: See the README below
Description: Offline Wikipedia Reader

OK, then, time to enter the compo. I present DSwiki. This program is a viewer application for any wikimedia powered wiki, the most famous one is surely the original "Wikipedia". But also any(!) wiki hosted on can be used.

You can download pre-made dumps from, or use an indexer to turn any database dump into usable files for DSwiki. The instructions for that can be found under

The new version (0.3+), exclusively built for months to reach the deadline of this compo, is not comparable to v0.2 in any way. It features a totally different approach, namely to convert the markup into XML and parsing the XML-tree.

Here are some images of DSwiki in action:

The left image shows the rendering of a "random" article ;-) Note the typography (bold/italic), the correct rendering of the list and that you reached this page through a redirection. The right image shows the table of contents that you can use to quickly navigate the article.

The left image shows the searchable index (this screenshot was taken from the uncyclopedia), the right image demonstrates just a little of DSwiki's feature to display most unicode characters.

The last image shows a typical run of the indexer, preparing the german wikibooks for DSwiki.

If you have questions, feature requests or other things you want to say, just do that in the thread in the PAlib forum (just google it), here, or write me a mail. Bug reports should go into the list on the googlecode-page.

For the installation, see the README below. Make sure you take the tutorial on the first start, you'll learn everything you need. But you can start it also at a later time from the menu.

I hope you like DSwiki, it was a pleasure to code it.


DSwiki (v0.3alpha2)

DSwiki is an offline viewer for Wiki markup, for example for the
Wikipedia, Wikibooks, Wiktionaries, ...

DSwiki is NOT a web browser!

 Why DSwiki?

DSwiki is optimal for all people with a Nintendo DS that like to
have their information "portable", but cannot access the Internet
directly. So far, no Program was very good in displaying the
Wikipedia on the DS. NewDictS can display an uncompressed dump, but
this dump is outdated, and the Wikipedia has grown dramatically
since then, so compression was absolutely necessary. In addition,
most homebrew programs can't handle UTF-8.


-- Get the complete(!) Wikipedia on a Nintendo DS. The English language
   edition fits on a 4GB storage device, the German edition is just 1.2GB.
-- Quite good handling of internal links. Alternative display text
   and appended letters are supported to create the same look as
   in the online version. Subpage links are supported.
-- Very good Unicode/UTF8-Support (as much - or as little - as the
   underlying font covers)
-- Fast and easy searchable index
-- Bookmarks


Just take the tutorial at the first start, or start it any time later
from the menu.


1. Copy DSwiki.nds somewhere on your flash card, DLDI-patch it if

2. Create dumps of your favorite wiki or download already prepared ones.
   Visit <> for a list.

3. Copy all files with the extensions

     db?    [ ? = one letter, typically "a" or "b", "z" is used in older versions ]

   into /dswiki. This directory must exist in the root directory of your flash card.

 Planned Features

-- Improved Search (advanced input)
-- "Find as you type" inside an article
-- Switching between fonts on the fly
-- Customization

 DSwiki is based on

-- NewDictS       <>
                    Thanks to sesa for graphics-/unicode- and font-routines

-- Wiki2Touch     <>
                    Thanks to Tom Haukap for the file format and index routines

-- libbzip2       <>

-- UCS fonts      <>
                    Thanks to Markus Kuhn

 + some other fonts

 + Titlegraphic   <>
                    Thanks to my beloved wife

 Have Fun!

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Re: DSwiki - Offline Wikipedia Reader
« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2009, 10:44:48 PM »
I've released a new version (0.3alpha2) and updated the first post accordingly. I've also added a direct link to the indexer.

The complete changes for this version are:
  • Fixed some issues with the translation from wiki-markup to XML. That results in a significantly higher number of pages to display correctly.
  • Percent indicator updates to show the progress while processing the DOM.
  • Slightly reformulated the textbrowser-part of the tutorial.
  • Doubled the memory space for caching font data, resulting in a better performance with non-standard languages.
Have fun! Ciao

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Re: DSwiki - Offline Wikipedia Reader
« Reply #2 on: March 25, 2009, 08:08:38 PM »
It's so interresting! Thank you!

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Re: DSwiki - Offline Wikipedia Reader
« Reply #3 on: March 28, 2009, 10:40:17 PM »
is this the same like the one from GBAtemp or is this another version??
I'm gonna buy :

TTDS (toptoy DS by neoflash)
R6 Xtreme 64G

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