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A Little about the reviewer

Ive been an emulation and homebrew fan for as many years as i can remember but nothing i repeat nothing is better than playing on the real hardware.

Back in the Megadrive(genesis) and Snes days i owned a Super Wild Card and a Super Double Pro fighter, both cost about 300 pounds and ill admit that it was a great way to play games that i would never have been able to afford or because of stupid region lockouts.

So the day when Neoflash announced they were working on a Flash Cart for the Megadrive called NEO Myth MD 3in1 flash cart i wanted one so badly, infact on the day they announced it i went out and brought a Megadrive.

So anyway to my reason for posting, sadly i dont own a 32X, i did a look on ebay and boy are they fetching a decent price (100 Pounds) so i can only really test Genesis and Master System Games.

The good news is that you dont need a Master System to play the games via this flash Cart. Now i am no tech head just really a normal user much like most folks so this is a review in that atittude.


The Packaging

The Unboxing

The Flash cart in its 2 parts

The USB Lead

Neo 2 cart & 512mb Card

The Cart in my Megadrive

Getting Started

One thing that didnt come with my review sample was a driver CD, thankfully Dr Neo of Neoflash has been releasing and updating his recently released GBA + MD 3in1 Myth cart PC programmer V2.82 (Local Download Here).

Now sadly i didnt have any info on what to do, which is something i expect Neoflash to sort out on retail of this flashcart..

So heres what i did ;)

First off connect the USB Lead to your PC/laptop

Making sure the ram cart (or indeed the Neo2 is in the Super MD Flash Cart)

Connect USB Lead to Flash Cart

Then it will come up asking you for drivers

At this point unzip the (GBA + MD 3in1 Myth cart PC programmer V2.82).

Click on the exe file and it will unpack itself and also will find the drivers.

If that was successful you should now be able to add roms etc.

Adding Roms etc

A strange bug if you will is that the Cart asked for the drivers again, i just let them find the drivers automatically and everything was ok, a tad infuriating but for anyone with modest experiance of using Windows its no real hardship.

Click on the shortcut for  Neo2 Ultra Menu (software you just installed)

all being well heres the screen you should see

Now im no great techie but this is where things are very easy. its just a case of dragging and dropping your Master System/Genesis/32x roms onto the window where it shows you the rom info, its as easy as that.

I hate messing around so thats a big thumbs up from wraggy ;) - Remember that to play 32X roms you need a 32x although you can play both Genesis and Master System Roms on the Genesis.

After you have dropped all the roms you need onto the window you click MD Burn and it takes a matter of a minute or maybe more depending on the amount of roms your putting on the cart.

Theres a load of other options in there including options for N64 etc so obviously this software is going to be used for the upcoming N64/Snes Flash Carts.

Another great thing to note is that if you have the Neo 2 Nintendo DS Flash Cart that also can be used in the Super MD Flash Cart. I havent tried it yet but you can use the ram cart in a GBA too.

Now for Gaming

Plug the Cart in and turn on your system, you will see a screen like this (sorry for **** photo my new tv dislikes rf output)

Now press up/down to scroll through roms.

Press b/c to load your desired rom

Enjoy your gaming :)

Game Testing

Games ive tested so far

Alladdin - Megadrive - Working Fine - (better than Snes version)
Bubsy - Megadrive - Working Great - What could possibly go wrong :P
Cannon Fodder - Megadrive -  Working fine
Desert Strike - Megadrive - Working Great
Duke Nukem 3D - Megadrive - Working fine
Earthworm Jim - Megadrive - No Worky
Ecco the Dolphin - Megadrive - Works Great - although i hate the game
International Superstar Soccer - Megadrive - working great - what a bloody game
Megalomania - Megadrive - Working Great
Pro Wrestling - Master System - Working Fine
Road Rash 3 - Megadrive - Working Great
Sonic 3D - Megadrive -  Working fine
Sonic and Knuckles - Megadrive - None Working
Spot Goes to Hollywood - Megadrive - No Worky
Super Skidmarks - Megadrive -  Working fine - Bloody hard to control though :P
Super Streetfighter X - Megadrive - None Working
Theme Park - Megadrive - Working Great
Urban Strike - Megadrive - Works Great
Virtua Racing - Megadrive -  No Working - Must be because of the SVP chip if memory serves me right.
Virtua Fighter 2 - Megadrive - Awesome working
WWf Wrestlemania Arcade - Megadrive - No Worky

Thanks to Djoen for testing 32X Roms and heres what he says

[indent]till now 1 none working (Darxide 32X (M4)(EU)) and 1 that locks up (Star Wars 32X (EU))[/indent]

ill update the list through the day and start writing my review whilst i enjoy the good old days.


Today was one of them times when i was took back to the reasons i truly love the homebrew/Emulation scene. The Flash Cart seems easy to use, only gripe is the annoyance of having to find the drivers every time you plug it in, but it does in a matter of seconds so not really a biggie.

The adding of roms to the cart is as easy as they come so a big plus factor there. The amount of roms you can add makes this a great cart too, the supporting of 3 systems and infact 4 if you take in the fact you can use it in a GBA is great.

On the whole bar the fact i cant test 32x due to not owning one (but 32x roms do work), the roms it plays is great, there are a few however with built in detection that obviously need some working on via Neoflashs part, the only rom i cant see working is for example Virtua Racing because of the extra chip inside the original game.

The price for the Flash Cart is $150 so it maybe wont be accessible to a lot of the newcomers but to retro collectors/major emulation fans it will be very worth it.

My advice is to those who are tempted is go for it, the flash cart does what you really want it to and thats play Sega Master System, Megadrive and 32X, a big thumbs up for Neoflash on this retro cart, i cant wait to see what they do with the N64, Nes and Snes Carts. Once the software is updated to work on the roms that wouldnt play this time and maybe a few new additions then you have a major winner.

Links of Interest regarding the NEO Myth MD 3in1 flash cart + 512M (Genesis/32X/Master System Flash Cart) - Official Sellers of the NEO Myth MD 3in1 flash cart and Neoflash Products.
Neoflash Topic where testers are working on improving software and compatability.
Sega NG - Great site for info about the 32x, Master System and Megadrive.
Genesis Homebrew Roms
SMS Power - Great Sega Master System Homebrew Resource
Sega Saturn News- 32X Homebrew Roms
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Earthworm Jim worked here.  Probably just a bad rom or burn.

All your links have an extra http at the start.  There is a newer driver out now than what you mirrored.
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oh thats cool then, its an amazing cart, my mouths watering with regards to the possibiliites of the n64/snes carts

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Very nice review wraggster :)

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thanks for the notice sektor, these forums must be different with links, ill edit and find out why its sticking an extra http

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links fixed :)

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thanks wraggster, you did a nice review indeed  ~sm-42.gif~
In my world,have 0 and 1 only ......Matrix World......


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Virtua Racing won't work since it needs the Sega Virtua Processor but most of the other Mega Drive non workings games on your list can work (just need the right versions).

These 3 worked for me:

Earthworm Jim
Spot Goes to Hollywood
Sonic and Knuckles

The old driver installer had some wrong folder names.  That might be causing XP to keep asking for the drivers on each connect.

Best not to mirror that old driver installer.  Mirror the new one or link to the Neoflash forum thread instead.
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yeah will change on my review, thanks Sektor

Congrats also to Neoflash on a great flash cart ;)

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