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MD 3in1 MYTH FC Review ( HTLM , PDF , BBCODE and RAW TEXT!!!)
« on: September 09, 2009, 03:27:36 PM »
NEO Myth MD 3in1 FC review by Conle.
Review version : BBCODE format

Part.Index : Title ( for easy searching using the browser's buildin search functionality )
1.1 : Introduction
1.2 : First impressions - Its here!!!
1.3 : First impressions - the cart packing & drivers!!!
1.4 : "Burning" the BEAST
1.5 : Testing the BEAST on real hardware
1.6 : Compatibility
1.7 : MYTH CART vs Normal carts
1.8 : Is it worth the $$?
1.9 : The bottom line

1.1 - Introduction
First of all i would like to say that i'm not an "expert" reviewer nor i own any kind
of related "titles" , i will be reviewing as a normal user.

My review will be totally different from what you might have read before.I wouldn't even call it "review" but
real life impressions written on "paper" combined with extra material such as screenshots or "embedded" instructions
but without deep technical details.

PS:Some screenshots are also included but the quality isn't perfect since i have used my webcam.

1.2 - First impressions - Its here!!!
It was around 11:00 in the morning when suddenly i heard the doorbell ringing.
As usual i clicked the button that enables the mini camera , and when i saw a guy with
a package in his hands i already knew it that it was the 3in1 MYTH CART , before i even ask him.

Anyway , in 2' i had the package in my hands , and immediately i openned it up.

1.3 - First impressions - the cart packing
...While openning the cart package i noticed that the miniCD was missing ,
but i thought it wasn't a big deal since the updated drivers were available at
(note - in just 1 month after the release date the software has been updated more than 4 times!!!!)

The next thing that i noticed was the cart design , and i was really amazed by the quality of the cart,
so i opened up my pc , double clicked on firefox's shortcut and i informed immediately everyone that
i got the cart while sharing my first impressions.

...At the same time i was downloading the latest drivers and installed them.
The installation was a bit pain with the old installer because i had to download and copy an XML file in the driver's installer directory,
but with the new ones its as easy as double clicking on the installer and then wait for the installation to finish.
Just like with any other installer : simple and easy.

I got the drivers from here :,41.0.html .

1.4 - "Burning" the BEAST
After installing all the required software , i had to open up the NEO MYTH Programmer.
The first thing i did was to select a nice and cool skin , and then i did low level format to the cartidge.

The low level format took a while , and after it was done i was ready for the real deal : ROM burning !
Immediately i added a couple of roms , and i started the burning process.

To burn the roms all i had to do was just to open the file browser and add all the ROMS in the file list,
and after that i clicked on the MD Burn button.

The burn process was very fast so in just in couple of seconds i had all my roms burned and i was ready to test
this BEAST.

1.5 - Testing the BEAST on real hardware
That's it im holding the flashed cart in my hands and im heading towards my MEGA DRIVE to plug the BEAST
in the cartidge slot.

The cart is "locked" inside the slot and i finally pressed down the POWER button.
In just 2-3" the menu was loaded up , and i was able to select any game from the list.

The menu design is simple. There is a blue background with white text font for easy reading.

With the UP and DOWN buttons you iterate through 1 game at a time , and with B or C you load up the selected game.
Also , there is a RESET BUTTON ontop of the cart that allows you to reset the current game.

The games load very fast since it seems that the cart copies around 8M / 1.5 ~ 1.8".

Some functionality is missing , like support for cheats , but these are going to be added soon , and
since NEO TEAM plans to release the SOURCE CODE , more functionality will be added soon.

1.6 - Compatibility
Now a really important subject is obviously Compatibility.
Compatibility level is pretty high , although , its up to the quality of the DUMPED ROMS.

For example , there are hacked roms with hacked content or roms that are in different format than the actual filename
and this can cause easily trouble to the programmer.

This was one of the reasons that i decided to support this great product by working on a tool that will improve
the ROM DIGGING part and will be open source.

I'm talking about OpenGenie Framework( temporary project name ) which can be found here :,5760.0.html

I found out that its best to have DECODED ROMS(.bin format) of clean dumps , and always set the correct SRAM size

If you do this , 90%+ of the time the games will work without any issues.That's the "secret".

1.7 - MYTH CART vs Normal carts
If you're about to buy a  MYTH CART you must be wondering about the design of the
cart and how it is compared with comercial carts.

Here is a front-view comparison of a comercial cart and NEO MYTH CART:

Its obvious that except the RESET BUTTON, the MYTH CART is a bit bigger , but that's normal since there
is a "slim loader" packed into the cart case.

Here is a screenshot comparing the bottom part of the 2 carts :

As you can see the work on the design is simply amazing , and the overall quality
of the cart is really great.

Not only it looks great , but also it feels great!
You have to hold one to figure out what i really mean.

1.8 - Is it worth the $$?
Let me ask a few questions before answering :
How much is worth to be able to play almost any game ? How much is worth the ability to backup your saves ?
How much is worth to turn your console REGION FREE ? How much is worth to be able to play 32x games?
How much is it worth to backup all your favorite games into 1 single cart?

And add to all these the GBA CART which you can burn GBA ROMS using the MYTH PROGRAMMER and play your GBA backups
on your GBA.

I think the answer is pretty obvious! It definetely worth the money.

If you are a hardcore retro gamer this is a MUST-OWN accessory.
If you are a developer , this is the absolute device for you , and not to
mention that the MYTH MENU SOURCE CODE will be released soon.

If you are against backup carts , you'll want this too , because of its cool features(region free/ability to save backups and more).
And lets not forget about the HOMEBREW projects that are available.

1.9 - The bottom line
Overall this is a great product , and while testing it , i really enjoyed all its features.
NEOTEAM did a really good job on this , and by the time it will be improved alot , and lets not forget
that the MENU SOURCE CODE will be released soon , and this is going to be a GREAT ADDITION to the SEGA HOMEBREW SCENE.

I think such actions by companies should be supported , and its not the first time that they release SOURCE CODE.
All people who support OPEN SOURCE projects they know exactly what it means to share your code with others.

End of review.

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Re: MD 3in1 MYTH FC Review by Conle ( HTLM , PDF , BBCODE and RAW TEXT!!!)
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If you guys notice anything wrong let me know because the bbcode/html versions are  nearly  unreadable(yep i didn't used WYSIWYG editor ~sm-34.gif~ ) and i might have done a typo or a syntactic error. ~sm-34.gif~

I will fix the images in the .PDF later ~sm-45.gif~
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