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[NDS GAME] Super Extreme Smile (Updated)
« on: July 31, 2010, 11:26:16 PM »
Nickname: OBJECTION! (Aka LaPatateInc)
Projet name: Super Extreme Smile
From: Quebec, Canada
Division: GAME
Platform: NDS
Original enter: YES
Support Motion: YES
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10: NO

Project description:
Last year, I've entered with You Have to Burn The Rope DS, which was a remake of a flash game. I've added a couple of new cool functions, like achievements and mods. I was done with PaLib. This year, I wanted something fresh with an original concept, and to use libnds directly. Here comes Super Extreme Smile.
In this game you are a Smile. A rolling smile... It cannot move, the only way to move it, is to use the touchscreen to ROTATE ALL THE WORLD AROUND IT. The smile is affected by gravity and thus, moving. Every time you rotate the screen, it keeps it's original velocity. Now the fun thing :
You can create your map, save them on the DS, load them again, and send them here, right in this post, so we can all play it ^^
The editor is easy to use. Each tiles are sampled on the top screen, and you can switch screen by pressed L or R. Then you can change tile, zoom, save, load or move around on the minimap. Here is some infos :

-Development started June 28th, I'm alone on this project.
-59 tiles. Each tiles should explain itself. If you don't understand it, try it !
-You can save with whatever name you want, 16 characters maximum. And you can always change it afterwards with Windows because loading doesn't  (shouldn't) care about your name
-Maps are 124x60 tiles. Yes, this is a lot of place
-Collisions should all work, be aware there are sometimes bugs with velocity too high. If something REALLY doesn't work, tell me. Else, try to think of another way (More space between ?)
-Options contains : Change language (English or French), Flash or not, if it hurts your eyes, Pause = mostly for debugging but decided to leave it there so you can see more things, Music loudness, Music tempo (pretty fun =P ), Music changing automatically when you change mode, current music playing. You can change between musics in-game. There are 6 different and original one, and if you want one smoother, slow it down ! =D
-There are 50 achievements. Some will be done with time, some take skills. Some requires you to create a map to achieve it.

There is 15 campaign maps, 6 music.
All musics are from my sister, except : Main Menu and Rythmic Music, by me
Maps 1-2-4-5-11-13 are from my Brother, the others from me.

I highly recommend playing on a flashcard because it won't save on a emulator. When you exit it, you lose all progress. Since some achievements are only available for flashcard, you CANNOT get them all on a emulator.

Video :

Screenshots :

How to use:

Extract the file directly on the root of your DS or
Copy the .nds file wherever you want, then place the smile folder on the root of your card. You need the "data" folder inside your "Smile" folder.

Select - Change mode.

The game :
Touchscreen - Move
L or R - Stop Time (Use this)
Motion - Move (While time is Stopped with L or R (not with Touchscreen), DS must be vertical :P)
Down or B - Restart from checkpoint
Up or X - Restart from start
Start - Pause

The editor :
L or R Unpressed :
Arrows or ABXY - Move
Start - Change language in rotation
Touchscreen - Place tiles.

L or R Pressed (Top screen swapped) :
Touchscreen - Every control (Change tile, save, load, zoom, move around faster)

I would like some feedback at :
You can also send me some maps, I would love it ^^

Thanks, I hope you'll have fun !


Download Link :

(Release -> FINAL)
-Achievements fixed. A lot of them.
-Added an achievement counter.
-Change a little Campaign map #10 because it had a kinda-bug.

(Beta 1 -> Release)
-Fixed the 14th map in the campaign

(Alpha 0.31 -> Beta 1)
-Red door graphical fix.
-Music implemented
-Simple campaign done.
-50 achievements. Everything loads and save.

(Alpha 0.3 -> Alpha 0.31)
-French achievement correction.
-Switch Tile fixed when restarting.
-Added another map ^^

(Alpha 0.21 -> Alpha 0.3)
-Options Loading/Saving
-Graphics for coins and keys.
-Achievement system with 20 achievements (One unobtainable right now)
-3 new tiles : Time Travel. When passing through it, you have 10 seconds to move, then you teleport back to the place. The second tile is the same, for 30 seconds. The third is a fake green block :)
-8 maps which will be included in the campaign. I intend to have around 30-40 maps which will explain how to play, mostly. I people send me some before the deadline, I can include their map in the game and give credits =P Obj01-04 are my maps. Bro01-04 are my bro's maps.
-Bug fixes, as always...

(Alpha 0.2 -> Alpha 0.21)
-Neo Compo Splash Screen at the beginning.

(Alpha 0.1 -> Alpha 0.2)
-Main Menu implemented.
-Bug fixing : Black Hole fixed when on 90 and 270 degrees, sample map bugged due to a collision change, collision improved for buttons, checkpoints, and a lot more.
-10 new tiles : Key tile and Door tile. You need a key to open a door tile. You can stock your keys. You only need one colored keys though to open every door of it's color.
-Options 'engine' implemented.
-Brush size implemented.
-Fixed the samples because they were bugged when I changed collisions, and added 1.
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Re: Super Extreme Smile (Alpha 0.1)
« Reply #1 on: August 01, 2010, 12:41:00 PM »
Looks promising  and you still have lot of time to improve it :)

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Re: Super Extreme Smile (Alpha 0.21)
« Reply #2 on: August 11, 2010, 03:20:44 AM »
Merge :
Quote from: Myself
Looks promising  and you still have lot of time to improve it :)

I still have a lot of hidden surprises for all of you.  8)

By the way, I would love people to try it and create maps ^^;
I want some kind of feedback... xD

Bump for update. Read changelog in the post :P
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Re: Super Extreme Smile (Alpha 0.21)
« Reply #3 on: August 12, 2010, 02:36:14 AM »
Absolute nice game! You did a good job so far...

Do you know "Bob's bad day" for the good old AMIGA??

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Re: Super Extreme Smile (Updated)
« Reply #4 on: August 21, 2010, 01:11:09 AM »
Bump to say It's updated

Thanks ! And there will be more things coming soon  :)

Bob's bad day... OH MAH ....
Well, I thought I had an original idea, someone thought about it 17 years ago apparently... xD
Still, I think it doesn't have an editor.


This is a beta version, which means no new feature will be included.
From now the only thing I'll do is fix bugs, typos.
You can always send me maps so I can include them in the package ;)

Oh and, websites can update too, they have only posted the first release xD

Last bump.
I'll be leaving for the next three days, so this is the official and final release.
Hope you have fun, everything should be fixed in this one.