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Frequently Asked Questions & Video Tutorials
« on: August 15, 2010, 09:28:00 PM »
Last Update: 05.09.2012
Note: I did not write everything myself,
most of it is just copy and paste of answers I found in the forum.
This is just a collection of these answers so it's easier to find them.

In case you can't see any pictures or just want an offline version you can download the whole FAQ here:;topic=6273.0;attach=2940

Quick Start Guide     ~sm-71.gif~.gif

This guide will teach you the very first things you need to do to get your Neo N64 Myth + Neo2 Pro up and running.
This guide is aimed at maximum compatibility.
Example: The Neo N64 Myth software works with many Windows versions, but Windows XP works best for most people. Therefore in this guide we will only use Windows XP.

1) Plug the Neo2 Pro into the Neo N64 Myth, don't use the little Slimloader IV:

2) Search for a high quality usb cable and a PC with Windows XP SP3. Laptops also work great.

3) Plug one end of your USB cable into the Neo N64 Myth and the other into the back of your PC, no usb hubs. This is to make sure that your usb connection is 100% ok and the Neo N64 Myth gets the needed power.

4a) Follow this video tutorial to flash the menu to the Neo N64 Myth:

4b) If you already got a menu flashed there is an easier way to update it. All you need to do is to copy the file "NEON64SD.v64" from the latest NeoN64Menu-v*.*.zip onto your SD card into the directory /menu/n64/.

Here are the needed downloads:,6228.0.html

5a) Copy some roms to a SD card and plug the sd card into your Neo2 Pro.

5b) If you want boxarts, then download them from here, then extract and copy them to your SD card /menu/n64/boxart/.

6) Plug a N64 cartridge into the back of the Neo N64 Myth, plug the Neo N64 Myth into your N64 console and power it on.

7) You should see the Myth menu now:

This will let you run all games that are not bigger than 32MB from your SD card. You still have to flash the 64MB games to the GBA cart.

Frequently Asked Questions    ~sm-41.gif~

Questions about buying the Neo N64 Myth:

Where can I buy the Neo N64 Myth?
You can buy the NEO N64 Myth + NEO2 Pro 1024M SD at your favorite retailer like ic2005.
Buy the NEO N64 Myth + NEO2 Pro 1024M SD

What should I buy also?
The NEO N64 Myth + NEO2 Pro 1024M SD comes with everything you need to run games. To use the SD feature of the menu you also need to buy an SD card. Furthermore you need a PC to flash the menu to the NEO N64 Myth and to copy the games to the SD card.

Will the Neo N64 Myth cart ship with the newest firmware preinstalled?
Yes, all will come with updated firmware preinstalled.

Questions about how to run a game:

What boot cartridge do I need?

On a NTSC console you need a NTSC boot cartridge.
On a PAL console you need a PAL boot cartridge.
You can play roms from the opposed region by using paladin to region fix them.
E.g Super Mario 64 will work for all games besides Banjo Tooie.
Jet Force Gemini will work for all games including Banjo Tooie.

Does the Neo N64 Myth also work without a bootcart?
The Neo N64 Myth needs a so called CIC to boot games. These CIC's can be found in every N64 game cartridge. That's why you plug one of those to the back.
But you also have the option to desolder a CIC out of a game cart and solder it into the N64 Myth.

How do I run games from flash?

Update both your Neo2 Pro Manager and your Neo N64 Myth Menu to the latest versions.
Some people have better results with older versions of the Neo2 Pro Manager like 1.09.

Burn the game like this:

Link the BIOS Path A-2 to the NEON64.v64 you downloaded in the menu update.
You can also link BIOS Path A-1 to NEON64MF.v64 from the same download.

When you are in the n64 menu verify it actually says thats it's v2.6 or whatever version you just flashed.

I have flashed a rom with Neo2 Pro Manager but the game does not run.
If you have a recent N64 Menu flashed the cic and save settings will be detected automaticly but if you don't use the menu you have to set the right cic and savetype in the Neo2 Pro Manager

You can get the right cic/save setting from this page:
Also be sure to use the newest version of the Neo2 Pro Manager as older versions had problems flashing roms in z64 byteorder.

I can't flash bigger games with the newest Neo2 Pro Manager
Try an older version like

How do I run games from SD card?
For the SD feature you need to flash the Neo N64 Myth menu to the Neo N64 Myth cart and insert an SD cart into the Neo2 Pro SD that was included in your order.
If you bought the N64 Myth Menu before the Neo2 Pro SD was included in the bundle you can still buy the Neo2 Pro SD here:

Also if you bought your N64 Myth close to it's release back then you may also need to update to the newest firmware.

How to update the Neo N64 Myth Cart's firmware
To check the firmware version install and start the menu and look what is written after "CPLD:" at the bottom of the screen.

To update the firmware you need the Nero Dual Programmer:

First unscrew the case of your Neo N64 Myth and check what version your PCB has.
The version will be printed in big white letters above the GBA slot e.g. "NEO_N64_MYTH_V4" indicates a V4 PCB.

Then you need to download the firmware file corresponding to your PCB version from here:,7482.0.html

Now just follow this video tutorial:

How do I install the Neo N64 Myth Menu
Please follow this basic video tutorial:

Can I update the Neo N64 Myth Menu without reflashing it?
Yes, copy the file "NEON64SD.v64" from the NeoN64Menu-v*.*.zip onto your SD card into the directory /menu/n64/.

How is the compatibility?
To this date there wasn't one single game that we couldn't get to run. The compatibility is very close to 100%.
If you find a game that does not run please tell us and we'll try to make it run.

Do I have to manually select the save and boot type for each game like with other copiers?
No, the menu can automatically detect the savetype and load/save the save ram from/to the SD card or an internal saveslot in case you don't have an SD card.
It also supports the save formats used by most emulators, so that save file you used on the PC or got off the net to unlock something should work with the N64 Myth off the SD card as well.

Banjo Tooie does not boot, what can I do?
Banjo Tooie has some extra copy protection so you may need a N64 cartridge with a 6105 CIC plugged into the back of the Neo Myth.
You can use one of the following games:
Conker's Bad Fur Day
Donkey Kong 64
Jet Force Gemini
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, The
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The
Mickey's Speedway USA
Perfect Dark

I can't shoot in Jet Force Gemini
see "Banjo Tooie does not boot, what can I do?" for solution.

Questions related to the SD card feature:

What is the difference between the Neo2 Pro and the Neo2 SD?
The Neo2 SD has only 16MB(128Mbit) Ram.
That means that roms that are over 16MB(128Mbit) will not load from SD if you are using a Neo2 SD.
You need a Neo2 Pro for that as the Neo2 Pro has 32MB(256Mbit) ram.

Where do I have to put the roms on the SD card?
You can copy the roms to the root of the SD card or even better you can create directories and copy the roms into these to sort them as you wish.

I'm trying to load a rom from SD but the game does not run.
Please check the size of the game you want to load.
Roms over 16MB(128Mbit) will not load from SD if you are using a Neo2 SD. You need a Neo2 Pro for that.
Roms over 32MB(256Mbit) generally don't work from SD because even the Neo2 Pro only has 32MB(256Mbit) ram.
You need to burn these games with Neo2 Pro Manager to the flash of your Neo2 cart.
See "How to flash a game" under Basic Video Tutorials.

Which games won't run from SD even with a Neo2 Pro and need to be burned to the flash memory in order to play?
Conkers Bad Fur Day(512Mbit)
Ogre Battle(320Mbit)
Paper Mario/Mario Story(J)(320Mbit)
Pokemon Stadium 2(512Mbit)
Resident Evil 2/Bio Hazard 2(J)(512Mbit)
See "How to flash a game" under Basic Video Tutorials.

How long does it take to load a game from SD?
It takes between 60seconds and about 1 min 20 sec to load a 32MByte game depending on your SD card and the menu version you are using.

Questions related to saving:

How does the Autosave to SD card feature work?
The sequence the automatic save handler uses is this:
- load the save file when the GAME is run
- save the game file when the MENU is run
For most games, that just means rebooting into the menu via the reset button.
Some games have trouble resetting to the menu properly, so they require a power cycle (power off -  power on).
To be sure just always do a full power cycle.

My Neo N64 Myth loses the savegames after some time
There are a few N64 game cartridges that when attached to the back of the N64 Myth drain the cap that provides the power to the save memory.
If you turn off your N64 and the save memory loses it's memory after an hour or two, you've got one of those carts connected to it.

My game does not save.
Please check what version the core of your Myth cart has. Older versions than V3 may experience some trouble saving with certain games when using the menu's autosave to sd card feature.
Start the menu and look what is written after "CPLD:" at the bottom of the screen. If it says V3 you don't need to upgrade.
If you do need an upgrade please watch the video tutorials under "How to update the Neo N64 Myth Cart's firmware".
If you do not want to upgrade you still can save if you either:
- don't use the menu at all and just burn the games with Neo2 Pro Manager to the flash of your Neo2 cart
- or if you want to use the menu, have the right cart with the same savetype as the rom you wanna play attached to the back of the Neo N64 Myth and set the savetype of the game you want to play to "cart".
The savegame will now be written onto the bootcart.

I heard there is a savebug present in older firmwares?
The save memory in the Myth is always SRAM, and the CPLD in the Myth emulates the selected type of save memory using it. For example, if the game wants EEPROM, the Myth will emulate the EPROM interface to the N64, but internally it's using SRAM.
That's where older versions of the firmware for the N64 have problems/bugs in that emulation. The newest firmware (V7) has no known bugs in the save emulation.

If you have an older firmware on your Myth with the bugs then you should upgrade it.
Or if you can't upgrade then you could set the save type to EXT CART and use a cart with the proper save memory to avoid the bugs.
So if you wanted to play a game that needs 4Kbit EEPROM, you would use a cart with 4Kbit EEPROM. If you wanted to play a game with 1Mbit FRAM, you'd use a cart with 1Mbit FRAM. Example - use EXT CART with Tigger's Honey Hunt connected to the pass through as save memory for Majora's Mask (both use 1Mbit FRAM).

Where do I have to put my savegames on the SD card?
If you're using a Neo2 Pro or SD and the latest menu the savefiles will be in /menu/n64/save/ on your SD card.
If you use savegames from an emulator make sure that the savefile is named after the rom it belongs to.
For example:
ROM:  Super Mario 64 (U) [!].z64
SAVE: Super Mario 64 (U) [!].eep

How can I extract my savegames?
If you're using a Neo2 Pro or SD and the latest menu the savefiles will be in /menu/n64/save/ on your SD card.

How can I use *.n64 save files?
The *.n64 save files were made with the Dexdrive.
Luckily most *.n64 saves are just the normal saves with a added header.
So you can try to convert them back with dex2save, see download section.
You could also use a hexeditor to archive the same, by deleting the header.

Questions related to the Neo2 Pro Manager:

What's the difference between TypeA-1: GBA MENU and the "TypeA-2: N64 MENU" and "NEON64.v64", "NEON64SD.z64"  and "NEON64MF.v64"?
The Neo N64 Myth consists out of up to three parts, if I may say so:

1. The Neo N64 Myth cart itself:

The Neo N64 Myth cart has a flash memory chip for a menu on it's pcb.
If you want to flash the Neo N64 Menu into the menu flash memory of the Neo N64 Myth cart itself you would use the NEON64.v64 and select TypeA-2: N64 MENU in the Neo2 Pro Manager.
This would be my recommendation.

2. The GBA cart:

Every GBA cart also has an additional menu flash.
To flash the Neo N64 Menu into the menu flash memory of this GBA cart you would use the NEON64MF.v64 and select TypeA-1: GBA MENU in the Neo2 Pro Manager.
If there is a menu flashed to the Myth cart's menu area it will at startup look if there is a newer version flashed to the gba cart and if so load it from there.

3. The SD card (if you have a Neo2 SD or Pro)
You can also place a copy of the NEON64SD.z64 onto the SD card
Both the menu in the Myth and the GBA cart will look if there is a menu on the SD card and load it from there.
This can be used if you just want to quickly test an update of the menu by just copying the newer NEON64SD.z64 into the right directory on my sd card.

I burned the newest Menu with Neo2 Pro Manager but it still loads an older version when plugged into the N64.
If there is a menu flashed to the Myth cart's menu area(NEON64.v64/TypeA-2: N64 MENU) it will at startup look if there is a newer version present on the gba cart(NEON64MF.v64/TypeA-1: GBA MENU) or the SD(NEON64SD.z64) card and if so load it from there.
So lets say you flashed the Menu 2.2 to the Neo N64 Myth cart but on startup you get the Menu 1.9 MF. Then you have to either delete the menu you previously flashed to the Neo2 cart or just update it by putting the NEON64MF.v64 into the TypeA-1: GBA MENU field in Neo2 Pro Manager.

I get an error message everytime I try to burn some games to the flash
Using the right USB cable is very important. If it's to long you may experience write errors.

Also USB hubs tend to make things very difficult. Best option is to plug the cable right into the USB ports at the back of the computer. The ones that are soldered to the mainboard of the pc, not the ones at the front. Jusr try different USB slot until you find one that provides enough power.
If you are using an USB Slim Loader IV please try to flash your Neo2 cart with the Neo N64 Myth directly.

After a computer crash while formating I am now unable to use or format the Neo N64 Myth in the Neo2 Pro Manager.
In the rare event that your computer crashes while you were formatting your Neo N64 Myth cart it can happen that the data on your Neo2 cart gets corrupted. In some cases the Neo2 Pro Manager will refuse to format or even detect your cart from now on.
To fix this you can use madmonkey neocmd to either erase the garbage data from your Neo2 cart or even flash the newest N64 Myth Menu to it.
You can download a complete package(, pay attention to the readme) with all needed files and preconfigured batch files in the download section below.

Advanced Questions:

How can I change a boxart?

Basicly you can convert png's to sprites with this program:
See also:
Pngs of the boxarts can be found here:
You can edit the png before converting them to sprite with your favorite image editing program like

If you wonder which sprite belongs to which game have a look at this list:
Code: [Select]
007_The_World_Is_Not_Enough.png O7
1080_Snowboarding.png TE
40_Winks.png 4W
64_Hanafuda_-_Tenshi_no_Yakusoku.png HF
A_Bugs_Life.png BY
Aero_Gauge.png AG
AeroFighters_Assault.png SA
AeroFighters_Assault.png ER
AI_Shogi_3.png S3
Aidyn_Chronicles_The_First_Mage.png AY
Airboarder_64.png AB
All_Star_Baseball_2000.png BE
All_Star_Baseball_2001.png AS
All_Star_Baseball_99.png BS
All_Star_Tennis_99.png TN
Armorines_Project_SWARM.png AR
Army_Men_Air_Combat.png AC
Army_Men_Sarges_Heroes_2.png 32
Army_Men_Sarges_Heroes.png AM
Asteroids_Hyper_64.png AH
Automobili_Lamborghini.png LC
Bakuretsu_Muteki_Bangaioh.png BN
Bakushou_Jinsei_64_Mezase!_Resort_Ou.png BJ
Banjo_Kazooie.png BK
Banjo_Tooie.png B7
Bass_Hunter_64.png FH
Bass_Masters_2000.png B4
Batman_Beyond.png JQ
BattleTanx_Global_Assualt.png BQ
BattleTanx.png BX
Battlezone_Rise_Of_The_Black_Dogs.png ZO
Beetle_Adventure_Racing.png B8
Beetle_Adventure_Racing.png NS
Big_Mountain_2000.png MU
Bio_Freaks.png BF
Blast_Corps.png BC
Blues_Brothers2000.png BP
Body_Harvest.png BH
Bomberman_64_The_Second_Attack.png BV
Bomberman_64.png HA
Bomberman_64.png BM
Bomberman_Hero.png BD
Bottom_Of_The_9th.png BO
Brunswick_Circuit_Pro_Bowling.png OW
Buck_Bumble.png BL
Bust_A_Move_2.png BU
Bust_A_Move_3_DX.png B3
California_Speed.png CL
Carmageddon_64.png CD
Castlevania_Legacy_Of_Darkness.png D4
Castlevania.png D3
Centrecourt_Tennis.png TS
Chameleon_Twist.png CT
Chameleon_Twist2.png V2
Charlies_Blast_Territory.png CB
Chopper_Attack.png CH
Choro_Q_64_2.png CG
ChouKuukanNightProYakyuuKing2.png P2
City-Tour_GP.png GT
Clay_Fighter_Sculptors_Cut.png C2
ClayFighter_63.png CF
Command_&_Conquer.png CC
Conkers_Bad_Fur_Day.png FU
Crusin_Exotica.png XO
Crusin_Usa.png CU
Crusin_World.png CW
Custom_Robo_V2.png CZ
Custom_Robo.png CX
Cyber_Tiger.png T4
Daikatana.png DW
DanceDanceRevolutionDisneyGrooves.png DF
Dark_Rift.png DK
Deadly_Arts.png GA
Densha_de_Go_64.png D6
Derby_Stallion_64.png DA
Destruction_Derby_64.png DE
Dezaemon_3D.png DZ
Diddy_Kong_Racing.png DY
Donald_Duck_Goin_Quackers.png DQ
Donkey_Kong_64.png DP
Donkey_Kong_64.png DO
Doom_64.png DM
Doraemon_2_Hikari_no_Shinden.png D2
Doraemon_3_-_Nobita_no_Machi_SOS!.png 3D
Doraemon_Mittsu_no_Seireiseki.png DR
Dr.Mario64.png N6
Dual_Heroes.png DH
Duck_Dodgers_Starring_Daffy_Duck.png DU
Duke_Nukem_64.png DN
Duke_Nukem_Zero_Hour.png DZ
Earth_Worm_Jim_3D.png JM
ECW_Hardcore_Revolution.png WI
Elmos_Letter_Adventure.png EL
Elmos_Number_Journey.png EN
Excite_Bike_64.png NX
Excite_Bike_64.png MX
Exteme_G_XG2.png G2
Exteme_G.png EG
F-Zero_X.png FZ
F1_Pole_Position_64.png HG
F1_racing_championship.png FR
F1_World_Gran_Prix_2.png F2
F1_World_Gran_Prix.png FW
Famista_64.png FS
Fifa_99.png 9F
Fifa_Road_To_World_Cup_98.png 8I
Fifa_Soccer_64.png 7I
Fighters_Destiny_2.png FG
Fighters_Destiny.png KA
Fighting_Force_64.png FF
Flying_Dragon.png FD
Forsaken_64.png FO
Fox_Sports_College_Hoops_99.png F9
Frogger_2.png GV
Fushigi_no_Dungeon_-_Furai_no_Siren_2.png SI
G.A.S.P._Fighters'_NEXTream.png GA
Gauntlet_Legends.png GD
Gauntlet_Legends.png GX
Getter_Love!!_Cho_Renai_Party_Game.png GL
Gex_3.png X3
Gex_64.png X2
Glover.png GV
Goemans_Great_Adventure.png GM
Goemon_Mononoke_Sugoroku.png GP
Golden_Nugget_64.png GN
Goldeneye_007.png GE
GT_64_Championship_Edition.png GC
Hamster_Monogatari_64.png HS
Harvest_Moon_64.png YW
Heiwa_Pachinko_World_64.png HP
Hercules_64.png HC
Hexen_64.png HX
Hey_You_Pikachu.png PG
Holy_Magic_Century.png ET
Hot_Wheels_Turbo_Racing.png HW
HSVAdventureRacing.png NS
Hybrid_Heaven.png HY
Hybrid_Heaven.png HV
Hyrdro_Thunder.png HT
Iggys_Reckin_Balls.png WB
Indiana_Jones_And_The_Infernal_Machine.png IJ
Indy_Racing_2000.png IC
International_Track_&_Field_2000.png 3H
ISS_2000.png IS
ISS_64.png JP
ISS_98.png WS
J.League_Tactics_Soccer.png SJ
Jangou_Simulation_Mahjong.png MA
Jeopardy.png JO
Jeremy_McGrath_Supercross_2000.png CO
Jet_Force_Gemini.png JF
Jet_Force_Gemini.png JD
Jikkyou_G1_Stable-1.png GS
Jikkyou_J._League_1999_Perfect_Striker_2.png PS
Jikkyou_J._League_Perfect_Striker.png JP
Jinsei_Game_64.png JG
Ken_Griffey_Jr.'s_Slugfest.png KJ
Killer_Instinct_Gold.png KI
Kiratto_Kaiketsu!_64_Tanteidan.png 64
Kirby_The_Crystal_Shards.png K4
Knife_Edge_Nose_Gunner.png KE
Knockout_Kings_2000.png KK
Last_Legion.png LL
Legend_Of_Zelda_Majoras_Mask.png ZS
Legend_Of_Zelda_Majoras_Mask.png DL
Legend_Of_Zelda_Ocarina_Of_Time.png ZL
Lego_Racers.png LG
Lode_Runner_3d.png LR
Lylat_Wars.png FX
Mace_The_Dark_Age.png ME
Madden_Football_64.png 8M
Madden_Nfl_2000.png MD
Madden_Nfl_2001.png FL
Madden_Nfl_2002.png 2M
Madden_Nfl_99.png 9M
Magical_Tetris_Challenge.png MT
Mahjong_Hourouki_Classic.png MH
Mahjong_Master.png MM
Mahjong64.png MJ
Major_League_Baseball_Feat_Ken_GriffeyJR.png KG
Mario_Golf_64.png MF
Mario_Kart_64.png KT
Mario_No_Photopie.png MP
Mario_Party_2.png MW
Mario_Party_3.png MV
Mario_Party.png LB
Mario_Tennis.png M8
Mega_Man_64.png M6
Mia_Ham_Soccer_64.png HM
Michael_Owens_Wls_2000.png WK
Mickeys_Speedway_Usa.png ML
Micro_Machines_64_Turbo.png V3
Midways_Greatest_Arcade_Hits.png AI
Mike_Piazzas_Strikezone.png MB
Milo's_Astro_Lanes.png BR
Mischief_Makers.png TM
Mission_Impossible.png MI
Monaco_Gran_Prix.png MG
Monopoly_64.png MO
Monster_Truck_Madness.png M3
Morita_Shogi_64.png MS
Mortal_Kombat_4.png M4
Mortal_Kombat_Mythologies.png MY
Mortal_Kombat_Trilogy.png MK
MS_Pacman_Maze_Madness.png P9
Multi_Racing_Championship.png MR
Mystical_Ninja_2.png GM
Mystical_Ninja_Starring_Goemon.png G5
Nagano_Olympic_Hockey_98.png H5
Nagano_Winter_Olympics_98.png H5
Namco_Museum.png NM
Nascar_2000.png N2
Nascar_99.png 9C
Nba_Courtside_2.png CK
Nba_Courtside.png NB
Nba_Hangtime.png XG
Nba_In_The_Zone_2000.png WZ
Nba_In_The_Zone_98.png BA
Nba_In_The_Zone_99.png B2
Nba_Jam_2000.png JA
Nba_Jam_99.png B9
Nba_Live_2000.png NL
Nba_Live_99.png 9B
Nba_Show_Time.png SO
Neon_Genesis.png EV
Nfl_Blitz_2000.png BI
Nfl_Blitz_2001.png FB
NFL_Blitz_Special_Edition.png SZ
Nfl_Blitz.png BZ
Nfl_Quater_Back_Club_2000.png QB
Nfl_Quater_Back_Club_2001.png QC
Nfl_Quater_Back_Club_98.png Q8
Nfl_Quater_Back_Club_99.png Q9
Nhl_99.png 9H
Nhl_Blades_Of_Steel_99.png HO
Nhl_Breakaway_98.png HL
Nhl_Breakaway_99.png H9
nhl_pro_99.png HO
NightMare_Creatures.png NC
Nintama_Rantaro_64.png HB
Nuclear_Strike_64.png CE
Nush_Zuri_64.png UT
Nushi_Tsuri_64__Shiokaze_ni_Notte.png UM
Off_Road_Challenge.png OF
Ogre_Battle_64.png OB
Olympic_Hockey_98.png HN
Onegai_Monster.png OM
Pachinko_365_Nichi.png PC
Paper_Boy_64.png YP
Paper_Mario.png MQ
Parlorpro64.png PP
Penny_Racers.png CR
Perfect_Dark.png PD
PGA_European_Tour.png EA
Pilot_Wings_64.png PW
Pokemon_Puzzle_League.png PN
Pokemon_Snap.png PH
Pokemon_Snap.png PF
Pokemon_Stadium_2.png P3
Pokemon_Stadium.png PS
Pokemon_Stadium.png PO
Polaris_SnoCross.png PX
Power_Rangers.png PU
PowerLeagueBaseball64.png PL
Premier_Manager_64.png PM
Pro_Mahjong_Kiwame_64.png KM
Puyo_Puyo_4_Puyo_Puyo_Party.png PT
Puyopuyosun.png PY
puzzle_bobble.png PB
Quake_64.png QK
Quake_II.png Q2
Quest_64.png ET
Rakugakids.png KR
Rally_Challenge_2000.png WQ
Rampage_2_Universal_Tour.png 2P
Rampage_World_Tour.png RP
Rat_Attack.png RT
Rayman_2.png Y2
Re_Volt.png RV
Ready_2_Rumble_Boxing_Round_2.png 22
Ready_2_Rumble_Boxing.png RD
Resident_Evil_2.png RE
Ridge_Racer_64.png RZ
Road_Rash_64.png RO
Roadsters.png RR
RobotP64.png R7
Robotron_64.png RX
Rocket_Robot_On_Wheels.png SU
Rtl_WLS_2000.png WK
Rugrats_In_Paris.png RK
Rugrats_Scavenger_Hunt.png RG
Rugrats_Tresure_Hunt.png RG
Rush_2.png R2
Rush_2049.png RU
Rush.png SF
Scars.png CS
Scoobydoo.png SY
ShadowGate_64.png SG
Shadowman.png SD
Sim2000.png S2
sinandpunishment.png GU
Snow_Board_Kids.png SK
Snowboard_Kids_2.png K2
Snowspeeder_64.png SN
Sonic_Wings_Assault.png SA
South_Park_Chefs_Luv_Shack.png CY
South_Park_Rally.png PR
South_Park.png DT
Space_Dynamites.png DK
Space_Invaders.png IV
Space_Station_Silicon_Valley.png SV
Spiderman.png SL
Star_Craft_64.png SQ
Star_Fox_64.png FX
Star_Soldier.png S6
Star_Wars_Episode_1_Battle_For_Naboo.png NA
Star_Wars_Episode_1_Racer.png EP
Star_Wars_Rogue_Squadron.png RS
Star_Wars_Shadows_Of_The_Empire.png SW
Starshot.png SC
Stunt_Racer_64.png R3
Super_Bowling_64.png BW
Super_Cross_2000.png SX
Super_Mario_64.png SM
Super_Robot_Wars_64_.png S4
Super_Smash_Bros.png AL
Super_Speed_Race_64.png LC
Superbdaman.png B6
Superman_64.png SP
Superrobotspirits.png SS
Susume!_Taisen_Puzzle_Dama.png PZ
Tarzan.png TA
Taz_Express.png TX
Telefoot_Soccer_2000.png WK
Tetrisphere.png TP
The_New_Tetris.png RI
The_Power_Puff_Girls.png PQ
Tiggers_Honey_Hunt.png T9
Tom_&_Jerry.png TJ
Tom_Clancys_Rainbow_6.png R6
Tonic_Trouble.png TT
Tony_Hawks_Pro_Skater_2.png TQ
Tony_Hawks_Pro_Skater_3.png 3T
Tony_Hawks_Pro_Skater.png TF
Top_Gear_Hyper_Bike.png GB
Top_Gear_Over_Drive.png RC
Top_Gear_Rally_2.png L2
Top_Gear_Rally.png GR
Top_Gear_Rally.png TR
Toy_Story_2.png TH
Transformers_Best_Wars.png TB
Transformers_Best_Wars.png OH
Triple_Play_2000.png 3P
Turok_2_Seeds_Of_Evil.png TY
Turok_2_Seeds_Of_Evil.png T2
Turok_3.png SE
Turok_3.png TK
Turok_Dinosaur_Hunter.png TU
Turok_Rage_Wars.png RW
Twisted_Edge_Extreme_Snowboarding.png SB
V_Rally_99.png VY
V_Rally_99.png VL
Vigilante_8_2.png VG
Vigilante_8.png V8
Virtual_Chess_64.png VC
Virtual_Pool_64.png VR
Virtual_Pro_Wrestling_64.png VP
Waialae_Country_Club_Golf.png WL
War_Gods.png WA
Wave_Race_64.png WR
Wayne_Gretzkys_3d_Hockey_98.png W8
Wayne_Gretzkys_3d_Hockey.png WG
Wcw_Backstage_Assault.png WV
Wcw_Mayhem.png WM
WCW_Nitro.png W3
Wcw_Nwo_Revenge.png W2
Wcw_Nwo_World_Tour.png WN
Wetrix.png WT
Wheel_Of_Fortune.png WF
Wild_Choppers.png WC
Winback.png WD
Wipeout_64.png WP
Wonder_Project_J2.png J2
World_Cup_98.png 8W
World_Driver_Championship.png WO
Worms_Armageddon.png AD
Worms_Armageddon.png WU
WWF_Attitude.png TI
WWF_No_Mercy.png W4
WWF_War_Zone.png WW
WWF_Wrestlemania_2000.png WX
Xena_Warrior_Princess.png XF
Yakouchuu_II.png YK
Yoshis_Story.png YS
Zool_Majou_Tsukai_Densetsu.png MZ

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Re: Basic Video Tutorials
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2010, 09:57:50 PM »
Thanks for the video tutorials sanni --but why you didn't make it sticky?   ::sm-29.gif::
I'll sticky it and post it on news also  ~sm-42.gif~

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Re: Basic Video Tutorials
« Reply #2 on: August 16, 2010, 01:04:15 AM »
Great job, sanni! Just the thing some people need to get started. A picture is worth a thousand words, so you've got a couple of books worth of instructions there.

You might make one more tutorial showing basic usage of the menu itself, but you covered everything else nicely.

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Re: Basic Video Tutorials
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2010, 01:11:33 AM »
I add one more:

How to update Neo N64 Myth Cart's Core in other words how to update the firmware

sanni if you want put it on your first post, in order to keep all the videos at the beginning of this topic
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Re: Basic Video Tutorials
« Reply #4 on: August 16, 2010, 01:26:39 AM »
Cool , that's actually one of the most useful tutorials  :)

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Re: Basic Video Tutorials
« Reply #5 on: August 16, 2010, 01:48:28 AM »
Thats a great video aleomark, thank you  :-*

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Re: Basic Video Tutorials
« Reply #6 on: August 16, 2010, 08:40:19 AM »
Amazing work! Very clear! This vids should be put in the wiki! :D  ~sm-76.gif~.gif

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Re: Basic Video Tutorials
« Reply #7 on: August 18, 2010, 09:15:38 PM »
good work guys. the neo beginners will love this. :)

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Re: Basic Video Tutorials
« Reply #8 on: August 19, 2010, 02:20:34 AM »
the core update video isn't working for me. says 0:00 maybe you put in some music that they filtered out and they messed up the video.

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Re: Basic Video Tutorials
« Reply #9 on: August 19, 2010, 02:32:12 AM »
it's working for me, maybe when you tried they were given maintenance or something, try again

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Re: Basic Video Tutorials
« Reply #10 on: August 19, 2010, 03:03:22 AM »
it's working for me, maybe when you tried they were given maintenance or something, try again

Works here as well. I suggest waiting a bit and trying again.

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Re: Basic Video Tutorials and FAQs
« Reply #11 on: August 28, 2010, 03:26:30 PM »
Added a small faq, mostly based on a very resourceful thread on that matter  :-X

If you know anything I could add please speak  ~sm-35.gif~

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Re: Basic Video Tutorials and FAQs
« Reply #12 on: September 23, 2010, 09:35:07 PM »
Another FAQ, it's ok to add to first post:

Witch games I can't play from SD -even with a Neo2 Pro- and need to burn in flash memory in order to play?

N64 games larger than 256 megabits (the largest "normal size" used)

320mb: Paper Mario, Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Calibur

512mb: Pokemon Stadium 2, Resident Evil 2, Conker's Bad Fur Day

I'm pretty sure that that's it.

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Re: Video Tutorials and FAQs *UPDATE*
« Reply #13 on: March 06, 2011, 01:25:12 AM »
Does n64 myth cart upgrade use SPI protocoll? i have SPI programmer with pod connectors, maybe i could use that instead spening 49$ just to buy a programmer.

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Re: Video Tutorials and FAQs *UPDATE*
« Reply #14 on: March 07, 2011, 02:35:59 AM »
Does n64 myth cart upgrade use SPI protocoll? i have SPI programmer with pod connectors, maybe i could use that instead spening 49$ just to buy a programmer.

No , you can't just do that.Unless the source of the client was available , plus the actual firmware binary in decrypted form.
So , you'll pretty much have to trace the protocol and fetch off the decrypted fw binary .............And you're going to need a neo programmer to do that anyway ~sm-80.gif~.gif
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