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[PSP GAME] Portable Bubble v2.1.0
« on: August 20, 2010, 12:37:06 AM »
Nickname: Gefa
Projet name: Portable Bubble
From: Italy
Division: Retro GAME
Platform: PSP
Original enter: NO
Support Motion: NO
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10: Yes

Portable Bubble is a Puzzle Bobble clone for PSP.
It has some interesting features, like the possibility to create new levels. Besides, you can download new level set connecting your PSP online. Simply, from the main menu go to "Download", select an access point where to connect and then with the D-pad select the level set you want to download.
From version 2.1.0, is possible to listen your personal music (located in ms0:/MUSIC) during the game (with L and R buttons you can change the song to play).

By default, Portable Bubble contains three level sets, for a total of 120 levels.
The first, "default_levels", is directly taken from Frozen Bubble.

Little explanation of the main menu:
Start Level Set: From here, after to have choosen the level set, you select the level you want playing
Play A Random Level: Play a randomly generated level!
Download: Download new level sets from the Internet
Options: From here, you can enable the "Personal Music" mode and enable/disable the sounds effects.
Exit: Exit from the game.

Copy the "python" and "PSP" directories in the root of your memory stick.

Some Screenshots:

## Portable Bubble changelog

- First public release.

- Added two background musics (thanks to sakya);
- Now the game use oslib (thanks to sakya);
- Frame rate is stabilized;
- Added a system of record for each level;
- First to play a level, is now possible to see a preview of that;
- Added two new level sets;
- Added the possibility to download new level sets from you PSP;
- Solved some bugs;
- Graphic improved.

- Solved some bugs;
- Graphic improved;
- Added NeoFlash Compo 2010 splash screen;
- Added "Loading..." splash screen before loading all game's resources;
- Now is possible to listen personal music (must be located in ms0:/MUSIC) during the game.
- Added "Options" menu, where is possible:
     - To enable the "Personal music" mode;
     - To enable/disable sounds effects.


Special thanks and other info about the game in the readme file ;)
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Re: [PSP GAME] Portable Bubble v2.1.0
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Added other screenshots :)