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[Wii GAME] NanoMechas
« on: August 21, 2010, 01:34:19 PM »
Nickname : EvilTroopa
Project name : NanoMechas
From : France
Division : Retro GAME
Platform : Wii
Original enter: YES
Support Motion: NO
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10: NO

Project description:
This project was inspired by many games I loved when I was a kid : Life Force, Gauntlet, Probotector, and many others.
I hope you will enjoy to play it as much as I had to make it ! :)

Playable up to 4 players !! (Wiimote & Nunchuk needed)

Gameplay :
Your goal is to access the end of the level. Once you reach the boss level, it will end by killing it (duh).
Along the way, you will be blocked by colored celldoors : you will need to take a hormone of the same color to disolve it.
Alien infections will generate alien viruses that will attack you. Kill them without mercy.
CAUTION ! In the second level, there will be one single volatile hormone. You will have limited time to go to the celldoor before it goes off.
If you weren't able to take it to the celldoor, you'll have to go back to take it again.

Background :
In year 20XX, aliens came to Earth to invade us humans.
Instead of showing massive artillery, they sent viruses to infect and kill all populations.
A few people could hide themselves in caves to prepare for counterstrike. Scientists created NanoMechas to fight infections from within the contamined people.
Once there NanoArmy will be ready, they'll kill the alien people from the inside.

How to use :
Controls :
Pointer : Aim and Turn your mecha (important to slash your sword on the right direction)
A : Slash your sword
B : Fire your lasergun
Nunchuk Stick : Move

Tips :
- Keep the B button pressed as long as you see ennemies on the screen and shoot them.
- If ennemies come close enough to be hurt by your sword, then use it !
- Your best weapon is the sword, it can hurt multiple ennemies and also block bullets.
- If you're attacked by a bunch of crazy aliens, just slash their face off.
- The infections make aliens pop regularly, destroy them to avoid being overwhelmed by ennemies.
- The boss is strong, beware of his dash, it will hurt you... a lot !
- The boss will taker a lot of damage when its weak spot is unprotected.

Dowlond link : (~20Mo)

Changelog :
==v0.6 and 0.7==
- removed lifebars on infections
- corrected bug : with several players, all the pointers were the same colour
- corrected view centering when player dies
- dying animation added on infections
- updated dying animations on ennemies and mechas
- player can move on respawn and is invincible for a short period
- added longer invincibility when hurt
- ennemies no longer see through walls
- added timed hormones
- refactoring : no longer crashes for random reasons (almost ^^)
- bosses nerfed a little
- recentered user interface
- lifebars on the right go the right way now
- new more visible hormones icons (and visible timer added)

Thanks to Cid2Mizard for that videos :
V0.5 :
V0.7 :

Made by EvilTroopa and Olyfno
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