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[PSP APP] AnyLanguageStudy v2.0
« on: August 07, 2011, 03:13:00 PM »
Nickname: Nakano
Projet name: AnyLanguageStudy v2.0
From: Finland
Division: Retro APP
Platform: PSP
Original enter: YES
Support Motion: NO
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10: NO

* Remembers question, range and mode of word lists after exiting as long as range is not changed.
* Added a trick to solve the search problem when using scandinavian and a few other special characters with Sony Osk.
* Added Remember the Kanji image list (images by me, resizing by passingby). If you do not use it, you may remove it as it takes time to copy the files to PSP (language/japanese/rtk).

Download & Images
[MEGAUPLOAD]AnyLanguageStudy v2.0 (unsigned)
[SENDSPACE]AnyLanguageStudy v2.0 (signed)


AnyLanguageStudy is a vocabulary builder application for PSP. It's created in the purpose of learning Japanese words. For example, you could use it along side with Japanese for Busy People to efficiently learn the essential key words. The application helps you to learn the language through word lists, image lists, sentences and sentence audio. It can also be used as a helpful portable dictionary.

By default, Japanese word lists are most supported. But you may easily (due to the csv format) create your own word lists for the language of your choice. Get and convert word lists from Anki if you do not wish to create them from a scratch. If you're studying more than one language, AnyLanguageStudy supports grouping the lists alphabetically by category.


UP: Move up / Switch mode (e.g. English-Japanese -> Japanese-English) / Switch OSK (Normal / Hiragana / Katakana)
DOWN: Move down / Switch mode / Switch OSK
RIGHT: Next page / Switch show (e.g. romaji -> hiragana -> kanji)
LEFT: Previous page / Switch show
ANALOG UP/DOWN: Increase/decrease font size or move up/down
ANALOG LEFT/RIGHT: Increase/decrease range or move left/right or previous/next page
R: Next page / Clear list of learned words
L: Previous page / Search
SQUARE: Select / Answer / Play sound
TRIANGLE: Select / Answer
CIRCLE: Select / Answer
CROSS: Select / Answer
HOME: Quick quit (saving of learned words is done before quiting)
SELECT: Open word list menu (saving of learned words is done before menu shows up)
START: Open global options menu

Creating word lists

### Word lists ###

AnyLanguageStudy folder includes a file dictionary.ini. The file contains info about fonts (used by a word list) and paths to word lists. If you create your own word list, simply add a new line that has the primary and secondary font info and path separated by ; (for example jpn0.pgf;ltn0.pgf;language/myLanguage/myWordList.csv). Fonts supported (by Intrafont) are

   lnt0.pgf (usually a good choice for primary and secondary font. Suitable for languages that have accents.)
   lnt1.pgf (usually these fonts are not needed)
   jpn0.pgf (for Japanese)
   gb3s1518.bwfon (for Chinese)
   kr0.pgf (for Korean)

Fonts need to locate in flash0:/font/. If you have installed 1.50 kernel addon, you may be missing a few fonts (kr0.pfg and arib.pgf probably). You can find more information about fonts here:

If you do not want to use some word list, comment the line with #.

Word list format is also comma-separated value (csv). Words are separated with ;. For example, Finnish-English word list might have the following words:


Last word is always definition because same word might have multiple presentation formats. For example, Japanese-English word list might have the following words:


An easy way to create lists is to use OpenOffice Calc and save the file as csv. After this you need to convert the file to UTF-8 without BOM encoding (DO NOT USE ANSI!). Notepad++ can be used to achieve this. You may also want to use Notepad++ to remove all " characters.

### Picture word lists ###

You may want to create picture word lists. In this case csv-file's definition is picture path. For example, cat;language/images/cat.png. Picture must end with .png. It is recommended that picture size is less than or equal to 480x272 (PSP's screen size). If you need more examples, see study_verbs_with_pictures.csv file. Only mode 1 is supported with pictures.

### Grouping word lists ###

You can group word lists by adding a group name after the path of a word list. For example,

   jpn0.pgf;language/myLanguage/myWordList.csv;Japanese word list group name comes here
If you don't give a group name, it is shown as Unknown.

### Sentences ###

Sentences use csv-format. Again last is definition. The sentence file should be put in the same folder as word lists that use the sentences. Sentence list must be named sentence.csv so that it is found. For example, a line in sentence.csv might be:

   Auto on nopea;Car is fast

Let's assume that you're asked what "Car" is in Finnish (it's "Auto"). When you have answered right, the above sentence is shown as it has the word "Auto".

### Sentences with audio ###

You're also able to add a wav-audio file for a sentence. For this, you must tell in sentence.csv the location/name of the audio file. By default the location is the same folder where corresponding sentence.csv is located. Let's assume we have a file car.wav that says "Auto on nopea". We just move this file to the same folder as sentence.csv and tell the filename by adding ;car like this:

   Auto on nopea;Car is fast;car

The .wav ending is added automatically. If we want to use a sub folder called sound, we would move the wav file to the sound folder and do this:

   Auto on nopea;Car is fast;sound/car

If you need an example, see language/japanese/sentence.csv.

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Re: [PSP APP] AnyLanguageStudy v2.0
« Reply #1 on: August 31, 2011, 01:51:00 AM »
I am going to add a support for custom styles in the next version. If anyone is willing to contribute a style, I would appreciate. New images are needed for background.png, circle.png, cross.png, keys.png, longbutton.png, mouse.png, options.png, right.png, search.png, sentence.png, shortbutton.png, square.png and triangle.png (a total of 13). Please test all of them in all menus with your PSP to make sure buttons and selectors go to right places. User-made word lists are also accepted.