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[NDS GAME] Arsenal
« on: August 21, 2011, 06:00:01 AM »
Nickname: smealum and lobo
Projet name: Arsenal
From: France
Division: Retro GAME
Platform: NDS
Original enter: YES
Support Motion: NO
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10: NO

Arsenal is a dual-screen 3D shoot em up game for the DS. I'm doing all the code and Lobo is doing all the graphics. The current music was taken from, and hopefully I'll manage to find something a little more fitting by the time the final version is released. :)

Here's Arsenal version 1.0 neo ! This is pretty much the final version of the game. :) I might update it some time in the future if stuff needs tweaking, but basically, that's it, I consider the game to be "pretty much done". :P

There's a ton of stuff that I've added since the last version (which was released exactly 6 months ago), so here's a feature list :
- full dual screen 3D bullet hell vertical shoot em up
- robust engines capable of managing hundreds of bullets (over 1000 in certain conditions)
- 7 levels, ranging from easy to insanely hard :P
- massive bosses
- different weapons, powerups
- varied backgrounds : space stations, planets, oil rigs...
- replay system (included are replay files for every level)
- highscore system with online leaderboards; upload your replays and share them with the world
- complete modding tools available : make your own levels and share them on the game's website
- download people's mods directly from the game's menu via wifi

Just to prove that I'm not kidding around when I say there are insanely hard levels : :P

Don't worry though, this is the fifth boss, and I made the first 3 levels to be easier, so the learning curve should be nice. Level4 gets a little more challenging of course, and then levels 5, 6 and 7 are a whole other world. :D
As previously mentioned, the game is not quite done yet, so I'll be tweaking a lot of stuff over the next few days. I'll probably be adding new content, in the form of "DLC", so keep an eye out. :)
I'll also be writing up a full manual for the game editor, which may seem really confusing at first.
Let me know what you think ! :)
One thing I'll definitely be changing is the music, I didn't have enough time to find some that really fit the game.

Controls :
There are two control schemes for the game (you can select the one you want in the Options menu)
- Control scheme 1 : D-PAD to move, A/B to shoot, R to slow down and L to go faster
- Control scheme 2 : D-PAD to move, ABXY to move slower, R/L to shoot
- Autofire : allows you to shoot continuously without having to press the shooting button repeatedly
- Select toggles the hitbox

Here are a few videos : (though shot in an emulator, so a lot of effects don't look right :/)

Special thanks :
- Lobo, of course :)
-, especially ludo6431, eviltroopa and vloz
- romain, chervine !
- the guy who made bulletgba, that game is awesome and really helped me find interesting patterns to put in my game :D
- the people from
- the team maintaining libnds
- the creator of sfxr
- the creators of zlib
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