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Piipe Paniic [Wii]
« on: August 18, 2012, 11:48:45 AM »
Nickname: miguel28
Project Name: Piipe Paniic
From: Mexico
Division: GAME
Platform: Wii
Original Enter: YES
Support Motion: NO
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10: NO

Thanks Dr. Neo

This is my entry for this year's compo. I hope you like my game that I've spent weeks.
It is a game where you have to build the pipeline with random pieces without spilling water, and you have to do it before time runs out, because when this happens the water will begin to flow and you little time before they start throwing.
It has 20 Initial Levels.

It has 4 modes of play:
1. - Play the game already created levels
2. - Select the desired level
3. - Create your own levels and save them to the SD memory
4. - Play your levels created from the SD memory

Download Link

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Re: Piipe Paniic [Wii]
« Reply #1 on: August 18, 2012, 11:55:28 AM »
Nice job!

I used to really like Pipe Mania but then I didn't play it for over decade and now this game type seems to be used as an annoying hacking mini game in some big retail games :P

It would be more comfortable/easier if I could rotate the pieces using a button. It's hard to keep rotating the wiimote but it's a cool idea.

Support motion: technically it does support motion
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