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[NDS] BAGASMI Roulette
« on: August 10, 2013, 12:51:16 AM »
Nickname: BassAceGold
Project Name: BAGASMI Roulette
From: Canada
Division: Game
Platform: NDS
Original Enter: Yes
Support Motion: No
Open Source: Kinda (interpreter source linked below, script pasted below)
In a past NEO Compo this project won in the top 10: No

BAGASMI Roulette is a simple text based roulette game scripted using BAGASMI,7644.0.html.

This game is played with a group of people, where you can pass your DS around.  ~sm-60.gif~.gif

Essentially, There is a revolver with 6 chambers and 1 chamber contains a bullet. You fire this revolver by pressing the A button. If you fire and the chamber is empty, you are safe. The game continues by passing the DS to the next person (who then fires the gun, and so on and so forth) until the chamber with the bullet is fired--in which case, whoever fired the bullet loses.

It's a simple time wasting game, or perhaps an entertaining drinking game!

Script code here:
Code: [Select]
[Console 1]

;clear console

;since the game is just starting, we can skip right to the beginning
JUMP GameStart

;game over text
GameOver PRINT "*BANG!* You lost.\n"

;initialize our revolver, jump with jump back flag initialized
GameStart JUMP Reload, #0

;then print out the game instructions
PrintText NOP
PRINT "\n~BAGASMI Roulette!~\n"
PRINT "Press A to shoot.\nPress B to exit.\nSelect to clear console.\n\n"

;loop to keep game running
GameLoop NOP

;store current key presses in register 0

;Check if B button (#2) is newly pressed to exit script
CHKKEYNEW $R0, #2, Exit

;Check if Selected (#4) is pressed to clear the console
CHKKEYNEW $R0, #4, ClearScreen, #0

;if A button (#1 value) is newly pressed, check to see if shot is legit
CHKKEYNEW $R0, #1, CheckChamber, #0


;otherwise, continue game loop
JUMP GameLoop

;exit the script

;clear screen
ClearScreen CLRS
JUMP PrintText

;check if chamber was empty or not
CheckChamber NOP
;if our shot is equal to the chamber that is loaded,
;then the game resets for another go :D
IFEQ shotCounter, chamber, GameOver

;otherwise, increase the shot counter, and try again
INCR shotCounter

;let the user know they are safe
PRINT "*CLICK* Safe!\n"


;loads a single shot into a random chamber
Reload NOP
;pick a random chamber from 0 - 6 (6 chambers)
RANDM chamber, #6

;reset the shot counter
SET shotCounter, #0


;Set up our six shooter here
chamber DATA #0
shotCounter DATA #0

Binary Download Here:

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Re: [NDS] BAGASMI Roulette
« Reply #1 on: August 21, 2013, 09:35:50 PM »
I had no luck in running it on my DSlite + R4. Does it require HBmenu or something else not mentioned in your post?

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Re: [NDS] BAGASMI Roulette
« Reply #2 on: August 23, 2013, 10:39:46 AM »
It works, with HBmenu. Unfortunately after some run the last line disappear from console screen, so you have to clear the console after each run to be sure to see everything...

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Re: [NDS] BAGASMI Roulette
« Reply #3 on: August 23, 2013, 04:22:47 PM »
Sorry for the late reply.

Yes it requires homebrew menu or an equivalent to run as I use fsnitro to pack in the script file.

As for the console bug, I must have initialized it with an extra line. I haven't been able to check it out since I'm on vacation   ~sm-48.gif~.gif