Author Topic: about the MENU v1.3 problem  (Read 2299 times)

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about the MENU v1.3 problem
« on: January 06, 2007, 11:57:18 AM »
about the MENU v1.3 problem

some user report to us,say their Non  "MAGICKEY4-Mini VE1" and "MAGICKEY4-Mini VL2" will random crash with the 1.3 menu in some time still, so that's the menu v1.3 have some memory bug still,not your MK4 hardware problem,we will release the upgrade 1.3x version for fix this matter soon,please pay some patience,thanks.  ::sm-17.gif::

so if your MK4-mini is "MAGICKEY4-Mini VE1" or "MAGICKEY4-Mini VL2" version,please wait the v1.3x too,it'll help to fix the random crash problem then not need ship back to shop for ask replace.
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