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NDS + N64 reviews
« on: September 08, 2011, 10:48:55 PM »
Here are my reviews.  ~sm-41.gif~

[N64 APP]Myth64 Video Player
A video player for the N64. Really nice.
+ works great
- the N64 may be not be best console for a video player
Score: 4/5

[NDS APP] WhatTheHex
If you look at the sun and think #FFFF33 then this game is for you.
+ looks nice
- not everyone cares that much about color codes in hex
Score: 1/5
[NDS APP] Wildlife Greenhouse
You can learn the names and some facts about a lot of different flowers and then test your
knowledge in a quiz that gives you a picture and 4 names and you have to pick the right one.
+ looks ok
+ good for kids to learn the flowers and stuff
- button that reads the name of the plant to you would be nice to learn the pronunciation
Score: 3/5
It seems like you can tune your guitar with this but I have no clue about guitars.
+ looks nice
+ seems to work
- not much you can do with it
Score: 2/5

[NDS APP] U.S.A. Naturalization Civics Test
This is a really nice app. If you wanna take the U.S.A. Naturalization Civics Test, this will be your best friend.
+ questions are read to you
+ works quite nicely
+ very handy tool if you want to studay for the actual test
Score: 5/5

Since I don't have a PSP I could not review these apps:
[PSP APP] AnyLanguageStudy v2.0
[PSP APP] PSP Music Center
[PSP APP] pspythagoras


[NDS GAME] Super Smash Bros Crash! DS
A port of Super Smash Bros to the DS. It has a lot of content in it. Almost all the characters and stages you could imagine and they even come with their original music.
Sadly the fighting itself doesn't feel as good as on the N64/GC or Wii.
+ great music
+ great graphics
- doesn't quite feel as good as on the Wii or N64
Score: 6/6

[NDS GAME] DScraft
Your typical Minecraft clone. The graphics are nice but most of the features that make Minecraft great are missing so all it does is make me wanna play the real Minecraft.
+ i like minecraft
+ looks nice
- not much to do
Score: 4/6

[NDS GAME] Mind Maze
A collection of puzzle games.
+ looks really nice
- controls in the main menu are unprecise
- the puzzles itself aren't really interesting or new
Score: 2/6

[NDS GAME] Flyin'
You fly through a dark room, if you hit things you're dead. The controls are unprecise and the game gets frustrating very quickly.
+ grapics look ok
- fly should make sounds
- collision detection is bad
- controls are not very precise
Score: 1/6

[NDS GAME] Everyman
A nice jump n run with an interesting art style. It doesn't have any unique gameplay.
The controls are not bad but you don't feel like you are fully in control.
The level design could be better.
+ unique style
- kinda hard
Score: 3/6

[NDS GAME] Arsenal
Arsenal is a nice oldschool vertical shooter. The music is great, the controls are spot on.
But it is hard, really hard. There are times where the whole screen is filled with enemy projectiles and you will most likely die ALOT.
Some defensive powerup would be nice, like the 3 koopa shells in mario kart that are flying around you protecting you against enemy hits.
+ nice graphics
+ good controls
+ good sound
- way to hard
Score: 5/6

Since I don't have all consoles I could not review these games:
[PSP GAME] REminiscencePSP v0.2.1
[SNES] MegaFamilyBros V1.0
[PSP GAME] Company v1.0 - Story Edition
[PSP]Hamtaro Holidays v2
[Wii & GC GAME] Toy Wars
[PSP] Spacial Wars!
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