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« on: July 18, 2006, 03:38:40 PM »
These Rules are Work In Progress...
If you are a Admin / Owner whatever at a popluar gaming website which talk about Nintendo DS or Gameing Site.
You may apply here for a FREE sample Product for review.

[1] Please Include: Your Site Address, Site Stats, Pictures, # Members, How Long it has been around, And any other infomation.

[2] All requests are investigated carefully! If you do make fake sites YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE to recive futura Neo-Flash Products.

[3] Please alow time for your post to be responded to, People do have lives and may be unable to reply. Please alow up to 72 Hours for a positive answer. Please don't double post. If you don't get an answer for your request, it means the answer is NO.
Don't create thread with [affiliates] tag, only reviewer can add this tag to a request.

[4] If every thing does go ok, and you have been acepted once the product is in stock it should be shipped out. This may take some time since the products have just been made and are still going threw beta testing.

[5] Banners: you will be required to place a picture onto your site and linking to the neo-flash home page.

[6] If you are affiliates, you accept to make a full review of the product and to add a banner on your websites. if you don't fallow thos simples rules, you won't be qualify for further review of neoflash product.

Banners will come soon.
Thank You :)