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Re: NeoMythMenuDX-v2.9
« Reply #45 on: August 27, 2013, 02:53:51 PM »
Thanks again!

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Re: NeoMythMenuDX-v2.9
« Reply #46 on: February 07, 2014, 02:35:26 AM »
Time for an update! This version features Neo3-SD support... Dr.neo sent me one, and I spent the day making sure it worked like it should.

The main problem people had before was saving/restoring the sram. That turned out to be mostly bugs in the game save/restore code. I can't believe how buggy that code was! It was even affecting the Neo2-SD and Neo2-Pro, much less the Neo3-SD. So the new menu also features less buggy save/restore of game saves for everybody!

While working on the Neo3-SD support, I beefed up the cart identification. The hardware info line at the bottom of the browser box now shows the exact cart in use, from the very first 256Kbit rev A cart to the brand new Neo3-SD. Another change in the interface has to do with what browsers you can use: people using flash-only carts can only toggle between the flash browser and the USB mode. People on the Neo2-SD and Pro can switch between the flash browser, USB mode, and SD browser. If no SD card is in the Neo2-SD/Pro, it starts in the flash browser, and if an SD card is present, it starts in the SD browser. People with the Neo3-SD cart only get the SD browser and nothing else. You can start the Neo3-SD without an SD card, but you get the SD browser with no entries in the browser list. You can then insert an SD card and hit "START" to show the contents. Hitting "START" on the Neo3-SD ALWAYS makes it show the root directory of the SD card. It's an easy way to go back several directory levels, or to show a new card if you change SD cards. You can boot the menu from the SD card on the Neo3-SD just like on the Neo2-SD/Pro. That makes it easy to run updates - just copy the MDEBIOS.BIN file to the /menu/md/ directory of the SD card. No need to update the menu in the Neo3-SD menu flash... unless you want to, of course.

For folks just joining us here, these are just the binary files. The source, as always, is available in the google code page repository:

Most of the controls for the interface are shown at the bottom of the display. The difference between Run and Run2 is Run resets back to the menu, while Run2 resets back to the game. "MODE" will switch between the different forms of shortened names in the browser window: there is shorten on the right, shorten in the middle, and shorten on the left. "A" brings up the OPTIONS display where you can do things like set the save memory, enter cheats, etc.

As always, please report any issues you run across. We're always trying to improve the menu.

Oh, just a reminder - people can play VGM music off SD card. Even Neo3-SD folk. Just "run" the song and it will load and play. It loops forever, or until you press "C" as the message on the display shows. You can play VGMs up to 7 MBytes long. Compressed VGM files (like VGZ) are not supported - they MUST be decompressed!

EDIT: 2012/09/23 - Quick update to v2.9.1 for BRAM fixes
EDIT: 2012/09/23 - Another quick edit; this one adds a hardware info display. Press "Z" to toggle between the Help Messages and the Hardware Info Messages at the bottom of the display.
EDIT: 2012/09/24 - Fixed problem with using CD BRAM from flash.

Is there a video on how to step by step upgrade my firmware? I tried doing it and the cart stopped working. Luckily I backed up the original firmware, so it was fine.

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Re: NeoMythMenuDX-v2.9
« Reply #47 on: February 18, 2014, 09:53:05 AM »
It's not a video, but it does show how to burn the Neo3-SD menu:,7489.0.html

If you have the Neo2-SD or Neo2-Pro, you just use the regular format function in the PC client app, which is found here:,7645.0.html

If you DO have the Neo3-SD, use the Neo3-SD menu posted above rather than whatever comes with the PC client.

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Re: NeoMythMenuDX-v2.9
« Reply #48 on: August 20, 2014, 07:09:32 AM »
Thank you! I will check it out!

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Re: NeoMythMenuDX-v2.9
« Reply #49 on: October 21, 2020, 05:19:45 AM »
Even when I can rest assured with my V1 Mega Everdrive, from times to times I mess with my NEO Myth MD V4. I keep it because of the FM sound in SMS games (I have the 256Kb flash exclusively for SMS FM games), and because I like to see this old stuff working. NEO3-SD is really a mess, you have a SD card stuck in a GBA cartridge, stuck in a MD cartridge, stuck in the MD. That's why it's prone to a lot of failures. Recently I changed the SRAM battery in hopes of solving the sram issue caused by the connection/menu issues.

First I tried to check the old BRAM bug, it still corrupts BRAM even with device always on. I guess my device is flawed because I saw only a guy posting here the same problem, 9 years ago:

ITOH, I tested a lot of SRAM games, and all of them worked fine, as long as I didin't use the SRAM Manager to write and restore the srm files. I had a new battery and all I needed was try to not mess with the save slots from each game.

Anyway, I found a new bug in the Menu 2.9.3. Duke Nukem 3D uses 256Kb of SRAM. Deluxe Menu 2.9 SRAM Manager backs up the .srm file size as a 32KB file (256Kb), but the .srm file comes filled with 00's at the even bytes. It means the save data is cut by half, since the file should be 64KB. AFAIK, the save data is stored only in the odd bytes. I set the SRAM Manager off because it always loads this file in the sram before the game runs, and it will always corrupt the game save.

I attached two files, in case somebody, someday, would ever read this and test. The first is the .srm file DX Menu created (SRAM manager is disabled so I set to write the .srm manually). The other one is a full 2Mb SRAM dump extracted by the official NEO Programmer. If you compare the first 32KB from 2Mb dumping (where the DN3D is stored - slots 0 to 3) to the 32KB .srm you will understand that the SRAM Manager is writing 00's on even addresses and making it incomplete. So the file size should be twice, 64KB to completely store the save data.

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Re: NeoMythMenuDX-v2.9
« Reply #50 on: October 23, 2020, 09:20:50 AM »
I've been experimenting with BRAM now (free time, finally!). I confess, I like to play with the Myth, and I really would like to see this last feature working. Where are all the Myth MD users? Maybe they are happily enjoying their Everdrives and though I already have one, I suppose I'm one of the few who still plays the Myth occasionally. Contrary to what I've said before, I don't believe my device is defective, I believe very few users tried these features and didn't report issues.

If I turn off my console QUICKLY after copying a file from the internal RAM at the SCD Memory Manager, it will keep a non-corrupted BRAM content in the Myth SRAM. It is a matter of time, really. If I wait some seconds, exit SCD Memory Manager and enter again, that will be the time it takes to corrupt the data, presenting garbled names and absurd block sizes, preventing further writings (not enough space), except formatting.

So I decided to compare the BRAM dump files before and after glitching out. And I found out the altered data are just some bytes at the end of the file (maybe it's a "header" for game save index, name and size). Chilly Willy, if you're still lurking and is willing to take a look at this (because maybe you are the only one who could), I am posting a comparison of the two files, the good and the bad ones. Please don't feel pressured.

Anyway, I'll post some info.

The scenario is the same as before:

1) Created Sonic CD file in the internal memory by starting a Sonic CD game without the Myth in the MD.
2) Now using the NEO3-SD and the Myth menu, selected SCD_RAM.bin (made of "FF 03"'s) with "A", set it to SRAM slot 3 (the last 512Kb/64KB of 2Mb/32MB).
3) Disabled SRAM Manager to prevent any bad SD Card writes and restoring (possibly caused by connection/power issues). Battery is new and working.
4) Cleaned slot 3 in SRAM Manager.
5) Booted Sega CD with SCD_RAM.bin using "A" and "C" in the Menu DX.
6) In Sega CD Memory Manager, the External RAM was formatted, resulting in 1021 blocks free.
7) Sonic CD data (11 blocks) is copied to External RAM (Myth). Entering in "erase data" in SCD RAM Manager, it shows 1010 free blocks. Shut down the Mega Drive and I extracted the first Myth SRAM dump (the GOOD one, tested in Kega).
8) Then I proceeded returning to the Sega CD Memory Manager, and accessing the erase data screen, this time showing the corrupted data.
9) Extracted a second SRAM dump, this time with the BAD one so I could compare the files.

HexComp displayed the following changes:

File 1: C:\EMU\Fusion364\BRM\SCD_RAM_GOOD.CRM (65536 bytes, Start offset 0x0)
File 2: C:\EMU\Fusion364\BRM\SCD_RAM_BAD.CRM (65536 bytes, Start offset 0x0, Shift 0x0)

0000FF80: 00 20
0000FF81: D4 54
0000FF83: 00 20
0000FF84: 00 20
0000FF88: 03 20
0000FF89: 03 20
0000FF8A: 03 20
0000FF8B: 00 20
0000FF8C: 03 20
0000FF90: 00 20
0000FF91: 03 20
0000FF92: 00 20
0000FF93: 00 20
0000FF94: 00 20
0000FF99: D2 52
0000FF9A: F5 75
0000FFA1: 14 20
0000FFA2: F5 75
0000FFA8: 00 20
0000FFA9: 03 20
0000FFAA: 12 20
0000FFAB: 00 20
0000FFAC: 0A 20
0000FFB0: F5 75
0000FFB2: ED 6D
0000FFB9: A5 25
0000FFBA: 88 20
0000FFBB: 14 20
0000FFCB: 00 20
0000FFCC: 00 20

30 bytes changed, 11 locations

The game data itself is in the beginning of the files and is identical, so I conclude game data is intact, while the bad data is something related to the last bytes of the file before "SEGA_CD_ROM" and "RAM_CARTRIDGE". I looked for info about BRAM file structure but there's very few information on these ending bytes.

The good news (?) is that it glitches the same bytes and values every time I try these steps. Well, there is something going on here...

Well, now I'm going to get a life! Thanks for reading!
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