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4 in 1 Review
« on: March 13, 2008, 11:42:24 AM »
Well i got my 4 in 1 a few days ago. Im kindve happy going on spring break and being on a 9 hour flight. First thing i do is take my 4 gig sd card which i bout for 30 dollars. Pop it and pray and wallah NOTHING! Ok so im staring blankly at my psp wondering is it broken? 90 Dollars down the drain ? My second product from them to not work? I start to calm my self down and grab my 2 gig sd card. It works so now im HAPPY  ~sm-43.gif~ thanking god for answering my prays. Then i wonder NO HC SUPPORT? Thats a huge point they need to make known insted of 30 dollars i now must pay 72 for a cf card thats 4 gigs by tomorrow. Wondering next is is my wire cut so i can support higher? I try to open it but one of my screws are stripped  :'(. So now i must choose 6 gig maybe not work day before 9 hour flight for 130 dollors or 4 gig cf for 73 knowing will work? Well i finish god of war the day before now wishing i didnt so im writing this review. One thing also I bought a white 4 in 1 and a white psp and i get a black sticker to cover the cable? Also ANOTHER HUGE issue for psp slim the cable has to be tangled yup TANGLED! all together 7 out of 10