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People who are cheating can not stop, Among Us, the most spin-off game that does not have a hack

Over the past few weeks, the game has gotten a lot of attention from gamers all over the world, whether it's kids, toddlers, middle-aged adults, working people, or teenagers, who have seen games like Among Us want to play. All together, the more close friends have gathered together to play, the more fun. Or you can play online, but beforehand that the fun is different from playing with your friends. And talk completely We can see that many of our Thailand streamers People are very interested in this game, and there are hundreds of thousands of viewers who are waiting to watch this game.Part of it may be from the HEARTROCKER brother who came to create a trend because when he was broadcasting live, there were people watching. Over 95,000 people ever say So Hot.

First of all, let me explain the game a little bit, Among Us is a multiplayer game with a maximum of 10 players per room. The game is presented in a 2D space-themed style where players will have to find a way to survive with different puzzle types, but honestly, the quests in this game work because the main key does not use survival as the player will. You have to find the villain, Impostor or Killer that players call each other. If playing with a full room of 10 people, there will be an Impostor, 2 aliens, we have to find these 2 people.

By watching behavior Help each other collect information and come together to meet who among us is an Impostor because if the team gets killed and so on. Survival side will lose The fun is that players buff each other on fire, Impostor will find a way to speak to himself without suspicion, Crewmate will collect information and help vote

This type of game is one of the genres that I think nobody would consider using a hacker or a player for sure, because it is truly entertaining. Play to have fun with friends With a casual game theme There is no need to rank anything, but the person who will cheat will be trolled and can't really stop. Because Who would think Among Us has a pro as well, the pro used are Wallhack, Antiban, SeeGhosts, KillCooldown and many others that will help people who use this program like God in the world of Among Us is unnecessary. You have to be an Impostor, just Crewmate, can kill the other Impostor or walk through the wall, stab people in a flurry of cooldowns, nothing like that, which tells you what to play for. On top And you will see that this world is becoming more and more difficult To play for what I really want

Watch the clip : slotxo

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