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How to store luggage And carry-on luggage
« on: October 14, 2020, 11:31:09 AM »

During many long holidays Last period Travelers probably bring their luggage out for many rounds. slotxo Especially a large suitcase But as you know It is said that the shape of the suitcase is bulky. Until unable to find the gap next to The table and store it. Therefore, looking for a place to keep a travel bag in the house. Or in the room, so it is a matter of heavy thinking In addition, the point where the luggage is stored should also be a point where we can easily pull the luggage out to use And here are some tips for storing luggage. Or carry-on bag we would like to recommend you

1. Stored under the bed.

It is a luggage storage point, you've probably heard this advice before. But the space under your bed is the easiest and most convenient place to store luggage. If your bed is high enough You may have 1-2 feet of space to slide into your carry-on bag. Or luggage As for the storage method, cover the bag with a large black garbage bag before sliding it under the bed to prevent dust. And keep it clean

2. Put your carry-on bag in your suitcase.

It is very easy to store. Because your large suitcase can already hold a carry-on bag. In addition to carry-on bags You may also bring other bags. Can be inserted as well if there is space left The only problem with this idea is to dismantle the bag that you want to use later. It might be a little boring. Especially if you want to use it urgently Therefore, this method is suitable for people who travel less frequently.

3.Use a suitcase to store other items.

If you already need to find a place to store your luggage You may as well maximize your storage potential by putting different items. Into the suitcase Some items that may be kept for certain periods of time, you may put them in your luggage. There may also be other things that you want to hide.

4.Keep your suitcase on a high shelf in the closet or garage.

The top of the wardrobe is strong. And has enough width Should not be at risk of falling, breaking, or bending from excessive weight.