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The originator of Doom has revealed that the Doom Guy's first and last name



FPS fans forward to kill it like Doom, there should be many people who suspect that our hero is. What is famous for? Some call him Doom Guy, some call him Doom Slayer, others, so that's why John Romero, who designed Doom and Wolfenstein since his time with id Software, had to clarify the name of the hero in the game. Doom has given the gamers the deadliest gamers of Doom the question for the past 25 years.

John Romero responded to a tweet from a fan asking Doom Guy, Doom's hero, what was actually the name of the hero. Which the fans had various guesses That might be the name B.J. Blazkowidz, Flynn Taggart or John Kane, but in the end, Mr. Romero revealed that the name of the Doom Guy is Doom Guy. He actually used this as the character's first-last name. Called as answering questions by using questions to answer that. But in the end, no matter what we call his name But if you say who the Doom Guy is, everyone will definitely be the first to think of the hero in Doom.

Considered a color from the game developer. But at least it was suspicious that it was agreed to use whatever slotxo name. There's also a new DLC for Doom: Eternal titled The Ancient Gods: Part One that will be released on October 20th.


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