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Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory has released a demo.



Kingdom Hearts has continued a new game for followers to play with a Rhythm Game in the title Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, which today the game has released a demo for download to try to play on. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch

Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory will allow players to experience the melodious songs of the series with over 140 songs accompanied by the characters of the series. And more than 20 Disney characters, fans of the series slotxo will be able to relive the music through events. Along with the battles that will take place in the rhythm of the music. There is also a multiplayer mode and a VS multiplayer mode to compete with online scores

For the Demo version, there will be Field Battle Music Stages and Co-op Music Stages mode with 6 songs to try, which you can try to have fun. Before the game Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory was released on November 11 in Japan. Followed by other country zones on 13 November 2020


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