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Black Desert Mobile launches a new career, a little girl Tamer.



Pearl Abyss, South Korea-based game developer and publisher As the company that they created, one game can hit the global market like Black Desert Online, based on a true MMORPG style game, a game designed to play a specific level of gameplay regardless of It will be content that has to do a variety, not just boss hunting. For hitting monsters alone, there will be jobs in the classes such as hunting, fishing, running, trading, and more. Many more to do various systems Designed for gamers to truly enjoy the Openworld world, the game has been created as a mobile phone game called Black Desert Mobile and has been officially released for a while. But the updates of the game are ongoing. Recently, a new career has been launched.

Pearl Abyss has officially announced the launch of a new class 'Tamer' from today onwards. It is one of the most unique and distinctive professions within the world of Black Desert. Special, don't fight alone But if the speakers are loud Not related because she is accompanied by "God of the Black Wolf" that will be a magical animal to help in fighting as well, plus has a skill for us to use with this god of black wolf. In addition to that, Tamer has a weapon as A short sword suitable for the character size and adorns the sword as a secondary weapon. She is quite fast moving. Coupled with the cuteness that has to be seen, must give a thumbs up Anyone who is waiting for the arrival of this profession, do not miss it.

When Tamer's Awakening System enters, she will switch from a sword to a mace instead of having a high attack speed and continuity in her fighting moves with the Black Wolf God Companion. Looks quite spectacular, another career So let's wait and see when the Awekening slotxo system of her awakening will come during the game. But believe it, Pearl Abyss is another game label that is constantly updating the game's content. You can follow the news.

In addition to career updates, the game will also update a brand new PVP system in the game Black Desert Mobile called "Black Sun" will give players the opportunity to fight between the sun. Going up After fighting, it will be awarded as Black Sun Points. In order to exchange many valuable items


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