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MOD Player for GBA - VMP


Here is my entry to the NEO Compo 2013!

Nickname: Verme
Project Name: VMP - Verme's MOD Player
From: Brazil
Division: APP
Platform: GBA
Original Enter: Yes
Support Motion: No
In a past NEO Compo this project won in the top 10: No

My 4CH Protracker .MOD and Scream tracker .STM player for Gameboy Advance.
User Interface with Spectrum analyzer, Keyboard simulator, VUs, Playlist, Music visualizer, etc.
VMP comes with GBFS support, allowing you to compile your own albuns.
You can compile a 32MB ROM, it gives you almost 10 hours of music on your GBA.
VMP has been tested on real hardware GBASP/GBA Micro/NDS Lite (slot 2) with EZ4.

A - While stopped, start playing music, while playing, open playlist.
B - Stop Playing.
LEFT - Previous track.
RIGHT - Next track.
L - Select play mode: Repeat all, Repeat one, Shuffle.
R - Sleep timer.
START - Change display.
SELECT - 1x lock controls, 2x blank screen, 3x start music visualization.



very good! ::sm-29.gif::

hi. Verme.
How did you get this spectrum analyzer?

Hello NIHIL,
The spectrum analyzer is not exactly a RTA (FTT), but it is done in a similar way to the good old Protracker, generated from the frequency / volume of each channel.

Amazing man.


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