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Neoflash MK2/3 Menu V0.6 BETA 2

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Neoflash MK2/3 Menu V0.6 BETA 2
1. Improved homebrew nds loader
2. Proper detection of a valid menu nds file (should not detect most homebrew as a menu now)
3. Added support for XG 2005 flashcart
4. Much improved support for running games directly from MMC card (more games work well)

Quick User Guide: here
Known Bugs: here
Latest flashme V7 now supports booting MK2/3 menuflash direclty (no GBA cart):

member download :

since v0.6 of the menu i always have to press B, then A, then it detects my SD card, then i have to press A again too see te content of the card, which is nothing, then i press B to go back and A to show the contents again before i see the real content of the card, really annoying :/

This version looks promessing... There is already a better compatibility with beta 2 than beta 1. Now I can load Age of Empire II.. Before, I kept getting white screen...

The only things.. The graphics are a bit messed up.. but I'm sure it will be fixed on the final release.

Dr Neo, you are my HERO!  :-*

go docter go docter    woehoe


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