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please a new menu for mk3 2006

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i'm very upset about all neoflash team because we paid for a linker (mk3 2006) and nobody in this team is able to make us a new menu for all new NDS games!!!!!!!

why there are working only on the neo2 or mk4 or other linker's program!!!! why!!!

please we paid for the linker we deserve a new menu for our mk3!!!!

please Dr Neo please!!!!!!


The Neo team don't do a ****ing thinks to help us.

We have give us money, we have buy their ****ing product, now they don't do anything for us, you can be sure that my future nds linker will not be a ****ing neo team product !

Exepct if they do a ****ing update !! :'( :'(

your totaly right

i couldnt agree more

 :) :-\ :'(

A new menu will come out AFTER the SD menu for neo2, if I read the email correctly.

After the Sd menu for neo2...

But why the neo team don't do anything for our us !

We have only one post on the board in a month, just stupid information like "The update will be released soon don't worry!"

I think the neo team think we will say nothing and buy their new product !


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