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please a new menu for mk3 2006

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Hehe... my grand-grand children are going to be dead by the time "The Promised Menu" comes to God's People...

Maybe we all should do an Eric Cartman's freeze in time ::sm-03::


--- Quote from: Knger on November 03, 2006, 12:12:19 AM ---
Maybe we all should do an Eric Cartman's freeze in time ::sm-03::

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If the New Years 2007 neo2 menu promises were any indication, I wouldn't take MK2/3 menu promises so lightly.

 I spent  $230  for my neo max MK3 with 1G kingston SD  and i also got MK4 with a 512 mb flash cart for $80,  a mk1 with 1024 mb flash cart for $150  and i got the 512mb MK1 when it first cam out for about $250. Thats a total of over $700!!! and for what?
    With only about a 1 - 3% compatability (if that) rate with new NDS games, The  MK3 is a waste of time and money.

  so what did i do i? i got a supercard SD for $40 and every game works perfect!!!


--- Quote from: Madcat21 on October 05, 2006, 04:12:22 AM ---Wait wait wait...::sm-01::
::sm-04:: New roms of nds games don't work with mk3...

Oh sorry everybody know that !...

Wait wait wait...::sm-01::

well can't you just use the MK3's donor slot for the action replay then use the action replay to allow the use of new hacked AR games to run from the MK3's donor slot to makeup for MK3's overall incompatibility. Is this possible??? If not why???? If so how?????
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