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please a new menu for mk3 2006

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Patience is always required here. They are too busy making the newer products that are exactly the same but in a different case. At least they have made a flash-cart for something other than DS, that is what makes me feel they aren't going nowhere. At the very least, menu 0.4 is the last stable one, and at least it exists.

Wait wait wait...::sm-01::
::sm-04:: New roms of nds games don't work with mk3...

Oh sorry everybody know that !...

Wait wait wait...::sm-01::

And what about the MK2?...
I've got a MK2 with 512mb Flash card...End no one of the actual menu work on my hardware O_o  :-\ (The menu recognize my MK2 same as a MK3 O_o)

Sry for my bad english ^^

NOW, we can complain, as the neo2 sd menu has been released and NO news of a new MK2/3 menu.

Xaroxantu Zero:
Honestly, you would be better off to admit that you got jipped and save up to get a M3 Adapter or a DS-X. Even if a new menu software is released, it still won't work as well as its competitors.


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