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That's IT! Selling MK3!!!

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Funny enough I actually bought a MK4 for SD just to give them another try!
Alas, again no menu support, no interest and 2 new MKs since then.....they are woeful!
I was thinking of a Supercard SD, after all the MK4 could do the pass thru bit now, anyone know of a good UK supplier?

S :'(

not sure if they send to the UK maybe for extra shipping but cut and paste this site:


I know they send to the US though... good luck

GET A FREAKIN MK5!!!! 99.99% compatibility. Freakin $50 for 1GB!!! zOMG

What to yet again have no menu support once the MK6 begins, I think not!!

S ::sm-17.gif::

I think it's possible to replace the vaporware firmware on the MK3 with a firmware replacement modified like creebome ds to allow the booting of slot-1 flashcarts from the MK3's donor slot and gba games from a gba cart using linkage to connect slot-2 carts to the MK3's innerflash for gba game linkage or adding gba compatibility to slot-2 carts with no ram like the max media dock.


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