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Little poll

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Let's get a little thread thingy started :P

For developers:
What project(s) are you currently working on, or are thinking of undertaking? Any screenshots/a site to show off?

For simple mortals:
What kind of projects are you looking forward to, what would make your day if someone released it on the DS?

Note 1: We all know you want the damn SNES emulator. It'll come some day, when someone decides to make it. Please stop mentioning it. It hurts.

Note 2: Don't talk about the illegal uses of the neoflash cart -- this thread is strictly about homebrew stuff

so where's the snes emu?

*blows up*

Actually I work with Mollusk on the "easy to use" lib : PA_Lib, a bit like HAM, but for DS. Doc Here
I'm porting Duck Hunt, just for fun : Download

I will finish the Picross Advance I've start on GBA :Download

And, after all those small things, I will make another puzzle game (Tetris-like)

Just a stab in the dark what about a SNES EMULATOR .....

Well since that is out of the question, how about a Dreamcast VMU emulator or Pokemon Mini.


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