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TTDS rom loading error

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Hi, i got the TTDS for my Grandsons Xmas, and the shopkeeper was kind enough to put some games on it for me.

The games show up in the menu perfectly fine, however, as soon as i click on any of them it creates a save file and then gets stuck on "loading" i've downloaded the 1.07 firmware but i still get the same problem.

It's a white Nintendo DS Lite.

Please please can someone help, otherwise i'm going to have a very disappointed grandson on xmas day.

try to download some other games (i assume you mean homebrew games, commercial games are offcourse illegal to download) yourself and see if they work

Hi Sven,

I already tried that before i posted the message here, unfortunately it gave me the same result, showing up on the menu but sticking on the loading screen after attempting to run them.

Tried it in my grandsons friend's black DS Lite with the same results.

Any further assistance would be gratefully appreciated.

try to reinstall menu 1.07

OK i have it working now, i reinstalled 1.06 and then 1.07 and now it's working, thank you for your help. :-)


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