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TTDS broken?

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Just got a TTDS with a bundled 2GB MicroSD card ordered from

The CD was missing from the package so I got the menu 1.07 from this site,
copied it onto the flash card, inserted the card into the adaptor and the adaptor into my new Nintendo DS Light (got it as a Christmas present in the US).
And -- the DS completely ignores the card, it just opens the original menu ~sm-43.gif~

I reformatted the memory card, copied various versions of the menu software onto it, inserted and removed the cards multiple times as recommended in some other posts, but nothing helped.

Is there something else I can try or is it best to just send it back to Amazon?

- David

Seems like I am a total newbie,
I went to and copied the TTMenu OS 1.07 from there onto my memory card, after I copied the TTMenu folder from the "eng" folder into the base directory it worked.

I wonder if this is the same card as described at this forum, the package I got looks a lot different from what I see in the reviews here.

- David

Damn, seemed to have been a coincidence,
the menu started exactly once, next time I tried the DS stopped recognizing the card again.
Back to square 1

- David


I had exactly the same issue. Card arrived yesterday, loaded the files onto memory card and put it in the DS. Everything worked so decided to add some more games. When I put it back in it's not recognised by the DS.

I know it's not the memory card as it works fine on the PC and I've even reformatted and tried again with just the TTDS files and a couple of ROMS.

Any ideas or is it a case of it has just died? Connection fault?

really upset about it to tell the truth.


I tried about 100 times and got it to start 3 times.
Now I found that if I rattle the Card in all directions after I put it into the slot I have a bigger chance of getting it to work.

Points to a contact problem, the TTDS's we got might not be up to the physical spec of the Nintendo DS slot 1, a reason to send it back in my opinion.

- David


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