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TTDS v1.08 menu [Feb.1th 2008]

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TTDS v1.08 menu [Feb.1th 2008]
  * Upgrade cheat code library, up to 1981
  * Support the menu sleep function
  * Support use L to adjust the brightness in the menu

1.08 english version download:

1.08 chinese version download:

Anyone have problem with the new menu?

When i use the v1.08 menu, some of the fonts on screen doesn't show.

Also, is the korean font only for the menu system, or would it work if i have a rom named in korean

Only problem I have with the menu is the fact that it still can't sort the games into any sort of logical order (alphabetically) - you have to try and rename them to something that makes sense and then re-install them to the card every time you add/remove a game.

 I can't be bothered doing that so I bought a CycloneDS Evolution to try - A little bit more expensive but certainly the cartridge itself is a much better build quality - I've not used TTDS since although I still have my TTDS cartridge and I do hope NEO eventually comes up with a decent menu system - I love the menu on the Cyclone - doesn't matter what the rom is named as on the card it reads all the roms it finds and displays an icon for the game plus a full title (I believe it reads this info from the Rom Header) - AND all in alphabetical order.

Please NEO team do something to improve the Menu system on TTDS

you got a CYCLONEds eh?  good luck with that.  i'm sure team Cyclone is glad to have your business.  nothing like spending twice as much to be able to sort your roms!  (which you can do with the DSTT, by the way).

The TTDS menu is disfunctional !? well that's a first...

If you have a problem with the way 20 roms are put together then go to a doctor and get a prescription for OCD.


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