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[PSP APP] Attractive Pixelart App!
« on: August 21, 2010, 06:00:39 AM »
Nickname: mfcas
Projet name: Attractive pixelart app
From: Poland
Division: Retro APP
Platform: PSP
Original enter: YES
Support Motion: NO
In last NEO Compo this project have won in the top 10: NO

Project description:
Since psp has a d-pad and d-pads are ideal for pixelart, i made an application so you can make some wonderful pieces of art wherever you go!

How to use:
In PENCIL mode you can:
         -Draw pixel by pixel pressing CROSS button.
         -Fill pressing TRIANGLE button.
         -Pick color from wherever you want pressing SQUARE button.
         -Undo fill/drawing pixels by pressing CIRCLE button.
         -Zoom out/in using LEFT/RIGHT buttons.
         -Toggle scanlines using START button.

In Pick Color mode you are transported to a separate view where you can pick your color. Since choosing right colors is insanely important, choose carefully! You can change hue and adjust saturation/brightness on the graph. You can also compare previous color to the new one.

In SELECTION mode you can:
         -Select individual pixels by pressing CROSS button.
         -Copy selected pixels using CIRCLE button.
         -Move selected pixels using SQUARE button.
         -Fill selection to bounds or clean selection using TRIANGLE button.
         -Inverse selection using START button.
         -As in PENCIL mode, you can also zoom in/out.

In directory view mode you can:
          -Save your work in a current folder by pressing SQUARE button. Saves only to a .png!
          -Load a .png file pressing CIRCLE button. Note that the file must be not larger than 256x256[px].
          -Move up and down through directory tree.

To acces menu where you change modes you must press select.
            -Select wanted mode and press CROSS to acces it.
            -To select PENCIL press LEFT.
            -To select COLOR_PICKER press UP.
            -To select SELECTION press RIGHT.
            -To select DIRECTORY_VIEW press DOWN.
            -To select QUICK_SAVE push analog to the left.
            -To select QUICK_LOAD push analog to the right.

To change background color just press LEFT and RIGHT at the same time, background will be changed to a current color.

Sorry for the eboot, but I couldn't customize it, seems like there was something wrong with my .PNGs and i just was getting corrupted data. I had no time to repair that.

Open Source! It's written in lua so it's obvious it's open source, but PGE lua (the engine that the app was made in) is also open source so you can modify whatcha want and use (my code only!) however you want.

         - I have yet to discover why the app hangs randomly while choosing color pick mode.
         - Fill tool sometimes forgets to fill the rightmost vertical line (somethings wrong with rewritten flood fill algorithm).
         - When zoomed texture pixel size is more than about 3800px the ratio starts to go crazy. That's why i blocked
          zooming when the image is more or equal to 3800 wide/high. That's also why i support no more than 256x256
          textures, if they aree larger you would just go "what the hell, why can't i zoom it more?!". To be honest I'm pretty
          sure it's engine's fault and i  have pretty much no idea why it happens. That shouldn't be a memory problem
          because it's not like the texture contains more pixels, it's just that the rendered quad is bigger.
         - Not really a big deal but: if your alpha is not 100% and you change the background color then any color you will
          pick will become a background color. Simply press right trigger & left trigger together again to change the
          background color to the one that is selected currently.

Will be done (for sure!):
        Need to fix issues that are written above.
        Frame by frame animation (no automatic betweening).
        Some useful filters that help your everyday life (such as noise).
        Layers, i'll try to skip saving to some custom file format, probably i'll be saving bunch of pngs with special naming
        (like nooname_Layer1.png, noname_Layer2.png) so you can transfer your work easly from pc to psp and vice-versa.
        In app tutorial how to use it.
        I think about making some tutorials such as making curves, antialiasing, basic shadowing (things that i could check
        and make the app say if you made it well), nothing complicated though, i guess stuff like finish the circle or do some
        shading with a given light source.
        Anything that you will suggest that will help in art creation pipeline.

         InsertWittyName for his pheanix engine (lua)
         PixelArt at the beginning: Neoriceisgood   ::sm-10.gif::
         Adobe for pencil and color picker icons and pencil mode safe color palette at the bottom of the screen... oh shi...!
         i should change them!!   ???
         NeoFlash team, (app was made for this compo after all...)   >:D
 for color conversion algorithms.   ::sm-08.gif::
         Wikipedia for stack-free flood fill algorithm.   ::sm-09.gif::
         Others that i have not remembered to tell you about!  :-\

Hope you like it!

Info updated(blue), some comments if the app works on other psps would be appriciated.  ~sm-70.gif~.gif
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