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Well, I basically got to the point where it was working, and I wanted to see if anyone actually needed it - it was technically a demo to find out how it compared to the PSP and LCD monitor flashing videos to see where the framerate was... never did find out an 'optimal speed' or get much interest so I never continued on.... (V1 only had the screen fill to colors on mine... but it sure helped me to understand Mode 5 a little, and framebuffer mode on DS ;) )

So technically my inspiration was the PSP video and a friend from IRC who wound up with more stuck pixels after using it than he started with... very shortly after its release (within a day?) a similar one was done for GBA, as well as a .gba containing the PSP video compiled with, IIRC meteos.

Any rate, thanks for thinking similar thoughts and making a much better one, feel free to keep the name - just mention in the nfo its not related to my cruddy one and you should be happy ;)

PS. I put a link to your site, on my site, along with mine ;) check it out: (simple, thats the key, keep it simple - hopefully you understand that after seeing the site... heh)


--- Quote from: Ufos85 on September 02, 2005, 08:14:38 PM ---Here is my application named PixelFixer 2.0
As many of you know there are programs like this for almost everything using a LCD display.
Reason I made one for the DS even if there is a few for the GBA is that the do not support the full resolution, and that they only work on one screen at the time.
PixelFixer is ment to first let you search for bad pixels if you're not sure if you got them or not.
The next thing does is flashing the screen with the options you've selected (default recommended). By flashing the screen fast enough, there is a chance of fixing stuck pixels (note that this does _not_ fix dead pixels).

The program was comfirmed working  27-08-05 when a friend of mine tested the program. One of his 3 bad pixels started working again, and the other two was most likely so called dead pixels. He's currently returning his DS on the warrenty and will soon recive a new one.

Please read the readme file before testing the program, this for your own safty  :).

I really hope this is enough to apply for a free MK2. I dont know how many days while coding and even after this I spent with hurting eyes and bad migrain. (This will not happen to the user).

I have a site too where I will post all the other DS app/games Ill finish in the feature:

This is the closest I came to a screenshot of the program (not when flashing)

Here is the .zip file containing .nds .ds.gba and the readme.

--- End quote ---

So... mirror?

Öhr GmbH:
uhm the link works?


--- Quote from: Öhr GmbH on August 19, 2006, 06:59:47 AM ---uhm the link works?

--- End quote ---

It didn't at the time of writing and I didn't find any morrors elsewhere (not even through Google), else I wouldn't have asked.

Öhr GmbH:
oh sorry, na now it works :D ::sm-29.gif::


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