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Newbie Paladin help please.... ahhhhh


Got Paladin and the S-paladin front end in the same folder and carnt get it to work at all ive tried installing various runtime files. It does say file converted but it doesnt tho, Im trying to convert Sin and punishment and Dr Mario roms to Pal, any ideas?? help!!
Thanks in advance, using pentium 4 with Windows XP

Don't use the s-paladin gui, it never worked for me either. Just do [Windows-Key]+R and run "cmd". Then browse to the directory the paladin.exe is in.

You can also download and install the, then you can just right click on the paladin's directory and choose "open cmd here"

Usage: PALadin [OPTIONS] {Names}

Options: /p   PAL
         /n   NTSC
         /m   MPAL
         /o   (Try to) restore to original mode
         /r   Convert to opposite mode of rom-type (e.g. PAL if ntsc-rom)
         /f   Fix country-check (usually called PAL/NTSC-Fix)
         /iXX Increase Rom-Size +XX MBit (Default=2)
         /b   Don't generate backup file
         /c   Try! a boocode-protection-crack
         /a+  Force Anti-Aliasing-Video-Modes
         /a-  Force No-Anti-Aliasing-Video-Modes
         /z   Text-Output to File (Name.txt)
         /xa  Create APS-File (deactivates direct patching and backup)

You should play around with the /m /p /f /r parameters, see if any combination of those work for you.

Many thanks will try this later!! fingers crossed


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