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GST loader for MK2/3

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Maxconsoles received screenshot from GST about the MK2/3 loader

--- Quote ---The infamous GST team have sent us some previews shots and basic information about their Multi-Rom loader made exclusively for use with Neoflash' MK2 & MK3 adapters. This upcoming GST loader will support multi roms, full folder and path allocation, 8+3 file name format and a simple user-friendly system whereby you just need to drag and drop files in windows.

Here is the official statement from the GST team:

[1] support floder and path
[2] support multi roms
[3] support 8+3 file name format
[4] support MK2/3 NeoFAT,you just need to drag and drop in windows

Now you can read, write the MK2,3 cache,save,menu,flash,sram,SD everything,final menu will look nothing like this, keep in mind. :)

Pre Order NeoFlash MK2: $39.90 (World Wide Shipping)

--- End quote ---



lets see when is coming out :)

 ??? and the first thing they do in that thread @ Max is start flaming NeoFlash and GST for the bricker that DarkFader made...  ::)

hehe,cory1492 your answer is very reasonable  :P

So is it safe to use this or not??   ???


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