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I will begin to put together a faq thread here, with some common problems I have seen and dealt with myself, hopefully this will be of use to you.

----------Current Topic Links:----------1 - Reinstalling the Slim Loader III driver manually
     includes troubleshooting tips for Neo Power Kit.  also contains a guide to clear the registry
     key if your device isn't being recognized by the driver installer.
2 - Basic Usage of Neo Power Kit
     how to flash roms/apps and fix common problems
3 - SRAM Backup and Restore
     saving and restoring the SRAM onto the flashcart through Neo Power Kit
4 - GBA games and NDS GBA Save issues
     general problems using GBA saves and workarounds
5 - Using FlashMe to update your DS firmware
     step-by-step flashing procedure to install flashme bios
6 - New Firmware Test
     test if you have an older or newer ds
7 - How to use your MK2/3 with non NeoFlash/XG flashcarts
     how to burn the menu software onto non-Neoflash/XG carts
8 - Slimloader III/IV USB pinout diagram
     technical reference document
9 - Moonshell application setup
     Moonshell is a media player for the ds
10-Using FlashMe V7 with Magic Key 2 or 3
     How to update the menu flash for use with FlashMe V7

FAQS/GUIDES by other users

1 - MK2/MK3 New User's Guide
2 - Instructions for using your new Neomax kit
3 - Rebuilding/re-compressing/trimming roms to increase compatibility
     ('found a way to get some new games to work!' thread)
4 - I need some help setting up my neoflash mk2/mk3

To keep the FAQ threads clean and more likely to be read by others, I have split off the non FAQ posts ( i.e. discussion threads) to here:

Some answers for common problems [Discussion] -- for FAQS I have written,1305.0.html

MK2/MK3 New User's Guide [Discussion],1528.0.html

Instructions for using your new NeoMax kit [Discussion],1574.0.html

Moonshell Setup [Discussion],1712.0.html

Current software downloads:
Neo Power Kit 2.3
Neo MK2/3 Menu 0.6 BETA 2
NeoMax 2.1
GST patcher 3.1 and compatibility list (for MK1/2/3)
GST patcher 3.4R and compatibility list (for MK2/3 only)
GST patchers are attached as well, 3.4 is for MK2/3 only and is provided since a few files will not work with 3.4R properly (ie: DBZ2).


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