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Ragnarok X: Next Generation is available today, Taiwan server.
« on: October 16, 2020, 05:49:20 PM »

As before, in early October, the latest version of Ragnarok Online's mobile version of the game will be officially released after the launch of the test. It has been many times. Until now I feel confident that the game that will be ready for service is the best. The studio that is in charge of the development is The Dream Network, which is in collaboration with Gravity Games, which is Ragnarok X: Next Generation or Ragnarok M: New Generation, which is the same game but has changed the name if anyone has ever tested the episode. The old name is the same one, don't be confused. And today the game is ready to be officially released in Taiwan server from today onwards.

Ragnarok X: Next Generation is still presented in the form of MMORPG models in 3D, which is the modern era of the mobile version of Ragnarok. The visual work does not have to explain much. It looks beautiful and is very suitable for RO games. The selling point of this version is the gesture of the characters in the game That when attacking or using a skill will have a very clear animation with good movement Which is usually the posture in various postures It will do the same way, but for this version I can say that it works very well.

In the gesture in rhythm, use various Skills, it will add fun for the players enough. But now we have to wait and see if Gravity Game Tech in Thailand will bring this game to service in the future or not. But if let me say, the opportunity to have opened in our country is more than 70% for sure, while the other 30% may not really come. Yes, but if talking about Ragnarok Online in Thailand, it is really something that cannot be overlooked.

The launch of Ragnarok X: Next Generation will be available for both Android and iOS systems, of course the game will only support Chinese at this time. Because the game is open only for certain countries, but at least It is nearby Our house can duck to play, no problem, plus the PING fee is quite a bit too.Play will definitely not lose your mood. But it may be frustrating about the language that it takes a lot of familiarity slotxo and personal understanding to be able to play in a deeper way. But if playing for a long time I guarantee that I will be Infin for sure, you can download it via Taptap: quite the best.
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