Author Topic: Successfully, NASA sent a spacecraft to touch the asteroid "Bennu"  (Read 657 times)

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Successfully, NASA sent a spacecraft to touch the asteroid "Bennu" to collect samples of the surface back to Earth.

NASA successfully sent a slotxo spacecraft to touch the surface of the asteroid "Bennu", about 330 million kilometers from Earth, to bring back samples of rock and dust on the surface.

On Oct. 21, the website of the US National Space Administration or NASA revealed that the "Osiris-Rex" (Osiris-Rex) successfully touched the surface of the spacecraft. Asteroid Bennu to use a specially designed device. Take a surface rock sample, weighing at least 60 g to 1 kg, and soar off the surface. Before returning to earth

NASA said radio waves 330 million kilometers away confirmed the spacecraft Osiris-Rex. Has touched the surface of the asteroid Bennu The northern part of the star called "Nightingale" has been completed. Authorities are now waiting for more information on whether the spacecraft's equipment has successfully picked up the rock samples on the surface.

By Jan Osiris-Rex Installed a sampling mechanism called "Touch-and-Go Sample Acquisition Mechanism-Tag-Sam), which extends down to collect rock samples at an 8-meter-wide target zone including mountain areas. m It is the same height as a two-story building, which is another step that will take approximately 4 and a half hours

NASA scientists revealed that Asteroid Bennu With a width of about 510 meters, is an early astronomical object. It is believed that the surface of the asteroid Bennu Consisting of rocks and dust Grips with interesting secrets about the solar system that began about 4,500 million years ago.

After the mission touches this planet Jan Osiris-Rex Which has flown around asteroid Bennu since 2018, will return to orbit the planet until next year. And will be heading to the world in 2023.