Author Topic: PlayStation update, new trophy system, increase level to 99 with new icons.  (Read 728 times)

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Trophys, or the PlayStation system's cup-collecting system, has a look we've been familiar with for years. And after a long time, we have finally seen some big changes to this system.

Information from the PlayStation Blog has announced that They will have a completely new change to the Trophy collection system, starting October 8, where some interesting details are as follows:

New Trophy System

The first thing that was added was the new leveling system. From that, the system will have a maximum level of 1-100, it will be adjusted to level 1-999 instead, which players who keep the cup until level 100 will be calculated by the new level. automatic For example, if you have level 12, the system will be slightly revised to level 200, etc.

New level calculation system and icons for different levels.

This system will calculate the points for each type of cup that players have collected during play. Which will have a new rating calculation to be more fair as well And if a player collects a Platinum level cup, it will take a much higher leap. Different levels of players Will be divided as follows, with beautiful icons

- Bronze: Levels 1 to 299
- Silver: Levels 300 to 599
- Gold: Levels 600 to 998
- Platinum: Level 999

Additionally, there is an additional update that players on the PlayStation 5 will be able to track their progress in collecting trophies more easily, for example in a game where players have to collect in-game treasures. It also shows how many slotxo treasures the player has left to collect. But was removed first Which, if true, would make it much easier for players to keep track of the cup collection But the real thing will come out like that, we have to wait and see.