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NEO Power PC-E Flash Cart / NEO Power PC-E 128M+SAVE backup doubt
« Last post by rouken on November 17, 2017, 11:27:30 PM »
Hellow... I have some doubts about the save support in the NEO Power PC-E 128M+SAVE Super Flash Cart, once everything about this feature is not well explaned...

The purpose of the save feature is to backup and restore the saves stored inside the PC Engine? If yes, how this backup/restore is done at the console side? There's some kind of option inside the NEO Power PC-E menu, or is necessary the use of a homebrew to transfer the saves? This backup file can be used in emulators, like Hu-Go! or Magic Engine?

I can't find any video, or a review/tutorial with screenshots showing this feature in action. Can someone create a video, or even a tutorial with screenshots, for those who are curious/interested about backup PC Engine saves?

Finally, can someone upload some backup files (one of them with a Bomberman save inside) to see its content?

Thanks for the attention.
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The requested URL /driver/NEO2_Ultra_Menu_V1.33_Beta2.exe was not found on this server.

Just download Neo2 Pro Manager  :)
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The requested URL /driver/NEO2_Ultra_Menu_V1.33_Beta2.exe was not found on this server.
hi, the neo manager is work with win10 64bit pretty good,here is the ic2005 test report:

if you have problem still, should use a clean install win10 to try again,it should work. ::sm-22.gif::
The Game Zone / Re: [GBA] WaimanuGBA - Grinding Blocks Adventure
« Last post by sverx on May 24, 2017, 09:45:09 PM »
Sorry to revive this old topic but I thought that somebody could be interested in a physical release of this game (cart+box+manual).
See our blog for the details.

I'm on Windows 10 x64, and I did manage to install the drivers, but I'm having huge problems with getting things to work. My Neo Myth MD won't detect at all. I bought a bunch of Neo devices some years back, paid hundreds of dollars, and now I'm pretty much unable to use them. Is there an alternative software to the Neo2 Manager? It seems extremely problematic. Even the GUI doesn't display correctly, with the top bar missing and glitching.

I'd buy the Neo3 SD cartridge, but I don't feel like I can trust Neo products at this point. Neo Myth MD doesn't work on my WonderMega at all, and even though I did report this, it was never fixed or even considered.

I wish you could at least develop new software for modern platforms, because at this point I'd have to buy a whole bunch of Everdrives, since my Neo carts aren't working like they should.
The 10th. NEO Project for N64 Dev kit. / Re: Flash save type Save Manager
« Last post by sanni on March 08, 2017, 05:55:09 PM »
I never used the internal dumper for flashram because at least from the source code it looks like it's unfinished.

Yes using a cartridge as boot cart can erase the save especially if you select EXT CARD as save location.

I actually already turned this into an standalone Arduino project that reads N64 roms/saves and also SNES, Game Boy and Game Boy Advance.

You can find more about it here:
The 10th. NEO Project for N64 Dev kit. / Re: Transplant myth into regular cart?
« Last post by Dr.neo on March 04, 2017, 12:01:28 PM »
you can't remove the neo flash cart, myth will not boot without it ~sm-68.gif~.gif
EDIT: OK, I've found the readme inside the Neo2 Pro Manager files and it states "If you have a Neo2-SD, the maximum is 16 MBytes.", I'm still puzzled about the 256-512 incoherence, but I won't complain about being able to boot the two 64 mB games or have two 32 mB at the same time so...

Hello and sorry for the revival. I've adquired a neo myth 64 with exactly the following NEO2 SD cart (at least the label):

I can't run 32 MB games from SD, but I suspect it is because SD games are written to the PSRAM (or zip RAM if I understand it well) and this cart only has 128 MB, so only up to 16 mB games can be run from SD. Neo2 Pro Manager also reports 128 PSRAM.

This is not really a problem, I just want to make sure, because the cart says it has a 256M ROM, but Neo2 Manager reports 512, and I've already successfully tested a 64mB game on it, although to make it run I had to manually change save type to NO SAVE or EXT CARD (which apparently writes to the SD, so that's a relief).

I haven't been able to find anywhere else and this thread seemed the propper location to ask.

ps: is there a way to make EXT CARD stay as default save location?
The 10th. NEO Project for N64 Dev kit. / Re: Flash save type Save Manager
« Last post by suloku on March 03, 2017, 02:57:48 AM »

I've recently adquired a neo myth 64 (v4 on the board) with the "RTC/DMA/AD/FLASH/SD/MMC" neo 2 cart (8k cache, 2 M save, 16M menu, 128M zip, 256 rom as per label indications) and I've been playing with it a little and I've backed up some carts, but I have some questions:

1.- The 2.6 beta 3 menu has a save dumper, is that any different from your program? It does not take into account if flash is type 1 or type 2, does that make any difference?

2.- I backed up Stadium 1, Mario Kart 64 and SW Shadows of the Empire with no problem, but my Pokémon Snap cartridge got its save erased! I did read it as Flashram type 1, then realized it should use type 2, but both dumps were already empty (checked with hex editor, after seeing them empty I boot the cart to find the save was no longer there). Is there any chance the Neo Myth 64 has deleted the save prior to trying to dump because I used Snap as the boot cartridge attached to the back?


EDIT: also, since the pins for the cart slot in the Neo Myth 64 are quite accessible, I guess I could use it with some jumper cables and an arduino to read/dump carts with your program
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